How about making one of these?

I can’t tell if their knit or crochet, but I thought these were funny. Maybe those of you with pups can have a KAL.:teehee: Actually, you could probably carry a cat around in it too!

Where is the RSPCA when you need them?

actually, there was a thread about these already, here and everyone thought the dogs didn’t look too happy:??

My dog would love it. Anything to not have to use his own legs to get anywhere. Also would be great for puppers with lost limbs.

I think my family’s dachshund would love it…but I would have to make it a little longer! :teehee:

:stuck_out_tongue: I should make one so Cyrus can carry ME!

We have a blind dachshund that hates using the leash and has a hard time on “walks” anyway. One of these would be great!
I’ve been putting him in a canvas bag and having him peep over the edge like a little Joey. He loves it, moves from side to side to check out all the smells. But I have to thread a scarf through the bag’s handles then tie it around my shoulders.

This looks even more workable!

PS Little Rooney gets all kinds of funny looks when he’s in Joey-mode. Even has his picture taken!

I have a cat that loves to snuggle. He is a Devon Rex and doesn’t have much fur so he gets cold quickly. He loves to be held like a baby.