Hourglass sweater

From Last Minute Knitted gifts.

So I’m using my mmmmmmalabrigo to make this sweater and I realized I didn’t do a regular row in between my decrease rows so I’m going to have to frog. But then I also had another thought. I’m using different colors to make it look kinda rainbow. But if I knit up the body using the all the red, then orange then yellow, etc. By the time I get to the sleeves they will only be blue and purple, kwim? Will that look stoopid? So should I only use a little of the red and save the rest for the begingin of the sleeve and then orange and so on? I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn. I only have one skein of every rainbow color. Maybe I hould just start over and use only one color. hmmmmmm… :??

It might look odd if the sleeves were totally different color. I found, too, that with colored yarn, like the Karaoke I used, that the stripes were naturally different thicknesses around the body and sleeves. It ended up looking cool, but I didn’t anticipate it.

Maybe you could start the body with the ROY, then start the sleeves with ROY and then switch back and forth for the G. BIV part. KWIM?

I didn’t think of that. Ingy yer a genious! :muah: