Houndstooth Pattern

Hi all,

I have a pattern for a houndstooth purse, but I’m not sure how to actually add the new color. It starts out by casting on 88 in black, then knitting 9 in black and knitting 2 in white, 5 in black, 2 in white, etc. Once I start my first row, I’m using the black - now how do I add the white??

I’m very new to knitting, and I get frustrated very easily - but I’m determined to create this purse.


LRW (Linda)

Check out the stranded knitting video in the Advanced section. You can tie the new color on at the beginning of the row and strand it past the first black section since it will be inside the bag. Or you can use one of the other methods that adds a new strand. Once it’s connected, then you’ll just use it throughout the bag.

The sounds fairly simple. This pattern also calls for felting when done. Will that strand that’s kind of hanging out behing the stictches felt properly?