Houndstooth help and purl increases.

Hello! I am new here and somewhat of a beginner knitter, still. I am working on the wonderful Houndstooth Hunting Jacket pattern for my dog and having some trouble with my purl increases.

The general houndstooth pattern is to do
1 [MC]: k1, *sl 1 st purlwise with yib, k2, repeat from * to last 2 sts, sl 1, k1
2 [MC]: purl
3 [CC]: *sl 1 st purlwise with yib, k2, repeat from * to end of row
4 [CC]: purl

This all works great. But then I’m supposed to add in some purl (wrong side) increases at the beginning and end of each wrongside row for a section of the pattern. The problem is, I can’t figure out what purl increase to choose that won’t mess up my houndstooth shape, and that I can actually understand how to do given the alternating slipped stitches.

Furthermore, the pattern includes a note: “When working the increases or decreases, make sure that the slipped stitches line up with the slipped stitches of the same color on previous rows. To do this, always begin by knitting the first stitch in the working color for that row. Knit one or two more stitches before slipping for the first time in order to line up the slipped stitches with previous same-color rows.”

I don’t really undersand this note–except it’s clear the objective is to keep the houndstooth pattern lined up in its grid. I have a feeling that once I figure out where and how to do my increases, this will make more sense…?

Any help you all can give would be so appreciated! :slight_smile:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!

It may help to think of the increases as part of a border section. Keep the increases in this border section and maintain the houndstooth pattern stitch aligned in the main body of the coat.
You could work a M1 between the edge stitch and the first slip stitch (on row 1 or 2 for example). If it’s easier you can switch these wrong side increases to a right side row. I’m sure a row more or less isn’t going to be noticeable.
When you work succeeding increases, keep them one or two sts in from the edge. Depending on how many increases there are, you may be able to complete another repeat of the pattern stitch at each end.

You are going to have one very fashionably dressed dog!

Thank you so much for your response and help with the pattern, and for linking its ravelry listing. Your description is really helpful, and it’s much easier to think of the increases as the border.

Last night, I ended up knitting lots of rows incorrectly and undoing them over and over until I could see the pattern I was looking for! What hung me up was the general houndstooth pattern that says either k1, sl 1, k2 OR sl 1, k2–but when the increases add in, I realized I need to ignore what the pattern says to start with and just k 1, 2, or 3 depending on the alignment.

She will be fashionable when I’m done! :slight_smile: She’ll somewhat match a pretty scarf of mine when I’m done…yes, I’m that crazy dog lady. Thanks again!

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