Hotmail and Ravelry

So after waiting about less than two weeks, I checked on ravelry and it said that they sent me an invite to my e-mail which a hotmail account…I checked my e-mail…no invite. I sent a question to ravelry explaning that I did not recieve an invite…they told me to add them as a contact…which I did…and wait 24 hours. They also told me that if I have an alternate e-mail other than hotmail or msn to send them that one…so it can be fowarded to my hotmail…which I don’t. Anyone else have this problem??

mmm No i haven’t had this issue. Have you checked your junk mail and/or do you have any filters set up?

if you can’t find the e-mail in your hotmail you can always create a new e-mail account specifically for that purpose. It would be a pain i suppose but if hotmail can’t deliver it may be your only option. I don’t usually have too much trouble with getting e-mails to my free yahoo account.

I find that hotmail is terrrrrrrrrribly slow in delivering email. :wall:

I didn’t have trouble with my Yahoo account. Bummer that hotmail is acting up!

I didn’t have any problems with my google account. I love gmail!

When I received my Ravelry invite it was in my junkmail (on hotmail). In fact, I had about 3 invites in there!

Thanks for your imput. I have added ravelry as a contact, so waiting to see if that helps…if not I will have them foward to my hubby’s yahoo account…hope I can get in soon! I have been so antsy…

Hotmail and Yahoo mail are notorious for marking things spam that aren’t. They’ve been known to mark entire domains as spam. I have a web based email address, and I cannot send email to a particular friend who uses Yahoo from that account because she will never see it. I have to log out and use a different account just for that one person.

You should check your junk folder daily because Hotmail does send stuff there that it shouldn’t.

My invite went to my junkmail on Hotmail because I forgot to put it on the OK list.
Since then no problems…