Hot water bottle cover

Using up some spare yarn - white acrylic.
Pattern: On size 7 needles I CO 55 (but 60 would have been better) stitches. Work in Sts until desired length. Switch to P2, K2 for 2 or so inches. BO in P2, K2.

Might have been better to knit it top down rathen than the way I did it and you might also want to make eyelets for a thicker ribbon.

Using round needles would probably be better too.


A very good idea! This would be good for a gift idea in a nice silk or bamboo blend too…it strikes me that you could also use wool, which would help the water bottle retain its heat longer.


How cute is that!

Dang, you’re good! :cheering:

How neat! I need to make one of those. My dd, living in Germany, told me the other day that she recently bought a hot water bottle to put in her bed to keep her feet warm at night. How surprised would she be if I sent her a snuggly warm cover for it? :teehee:

That has definitely got to feel better than the bare rubber bottle. My MIL would love one of those since she is always using a hot water bottle along with a heating pad AND an electric blanket!

It looks great and the ribbon adds a nice touch. Great gift idea. Thanks for posting this!

very cute!!

Sweet! Funny I should come across this right now. I’m currently nursing an injury right now. I should make something like this for my ice packs. :wink:

Oh oh oh you made PJ’s for my bed buddy yayaya :cheering:

This is a good idea! It looks very nice :happydance:

I think you have given me an idea for my Magic bags…

advice for your pattern (that I will use liberally for my Charity knitting group for senior citizens)

yes, top down would be great
last or second to last row do K2tog Yo to replace every 4th stitch
then to finish do a 3 needle bind off from each end towards the middle to leave the little hole for the little tab with the hole in it that sticks out the bottom

thanks again


Are hot water bottles all a standard size? I want to knit one for my dd, but I don’t have access to hers to check the ‘fit’. I thought about buying one for myself to make sure a cover fits before mailing it to her.

the only one I had access to is 10" (and YES I bought it to work through this pattern)

I knit one on size 8 needles with yarn to gauge
I will use one size up next time
60 stitches is just tight enough

I did it top down (as I posted before)
k2p2 for at least 1.5 inches (not more than 1.75")
then for one row do YO,p2tog,Yo in place of the P2 in the ribbing( K2 YO P2Tog Yo)
then decrease 1 to make k2p2 work again in the P column and do 2 rounds (K1 K2tog P2 or K2 P2Tog P1 I think the first works better)

knit st st for 10.5" or so (10-10.5 but no shorter than 10")
then separate stitches into 2 rows of 30 St each
do a 3 needle Bind off for 11 sets of 2 St, then BO 9 st on one side and slide remaining stitch back on needle in place
with other end of yarn begin 3 needle bind off at other side until you reach the stitch slipped back on needle
pick up tail from that bind off and with both tails single bind off remaining stitches on the other side and weave in ends

this leaves a nice neat hole for the tab from the bottom of the water bottle (the water bottle can wear out at the point you fold it if you are not careful to not bend it)

I like mine, and although I did this “Experiment” with Charity yarn
I am going to make one to fit my New Own Water bottle with my own yarn

Anyone else have input on this?
and T are you going to submit this pattern?
its good enough to
and it is your baby


Ecb, thanks so much for sharing all that! :smiley: