Hot to create a really Nifty Blog? Where is the best place/s?

[SIZE=2]Hi! Ok, I’m ready. I want to create a blog but it’s not just for knitting. It will be a guide to New York City. I know of the ones out there and I think I can do/create a good one but I’m not sure who I should use.

I used to have a blog that I didn’t really invest much time at. Now I just read about Typepad and they say they are (I suppose they all say this) the leading place. I also know I could buy a website for $200 my DH says but I don’t think I need that yet.

I eventually want to make $$$ of course, I guess through links but also tours I will do later… This will be an insider’s guide to the best places to stay (hotels & neighborhoods), the best value in food/restaurants/ shopping, yarn stores, entertainment and just really cool places that I know about from living here 30 years. Geared for both US and European and other visitors.

What do you think, any suggestions as to where the best place is? domain, is that what it’s called? I’d like to do lots of pictures and maybe videos later. Thanks for any help.


[SIZE=2]Ok, I just found out is basic $4.95, up to $29.95 when you need a lot of bandwidth. Which I won’t for awhile. is free.
Soooo, do you think what you get with typepad is more…and better?

I really love I use it everyday, and I have had no problems. I once had a blogger account, and after a few days, I was ready to try something else. One problem I had was a delay in updating. I would post, but the posts wouldn’t show until hours later sometimes.

Another thing I LOVE about wordpress is the spam protection. They have Akismet built in, and it blocks spam comments. As the owner, I can still go in and look at them, and it’s amazing to me the type of things people try to post, but trusty Akismet zaps them all! Check it out and see if it will meet your needs :slight_smile:

Have fun with your blog!

Thanks Sharly! I’ll go checkit out now. Yeah, I remember that too, now that I think about it. There was a big delay in updating on blogger or blog. whatever .

Funny, my title was supposed to read How now Hot to Post but I think I’ll leave it…

(excuse my big type that I often use, my eyes are getting weak)

[SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]oh my god, you have the most INCREDIBLE blog. I am so jealous… oh wow, cats cats and more cats what could be better, I LOVE the top picture whew!:cheering:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Thanks!! You are so sweet to say that! :aww: Keep us posted on what you decide to do, and be sure to share your blog link!

And, by the way, the top picture is photoshopped (and not very well, at that!) - there’s no way I could get a good picture of all 9 at once!

I am a Typepad fan for a variety of reasons – in a big way (and I DO make money with my blog), I use a function called “Domaine Mapping” where I was able to remove the word “typepad” as part of the URL and can have it as my own, private site.

If you look at Sharly’s, instead of having just “houseof9lives” she has to have the “.wordpress” as part of the URL. I believe Blogger is the same and if you hope to eventually make money, it will appear a lot more professional if you show that you have the savvy to bring it further beyond a simple hosted blog site.

Just my two cents. Take a look at one of mine (I have several): Feast

That’s a thought! My blog is just for fun, my kitties are not concerned with appearing professional :slight_smile: But, if you plan to have a site for business puposes, it might be a consideration. I don’t know for a fact that this is not an option with wordpress, but it probably isn’t, since it is free.

I have wordpress, but it’s hosted on my site. I just started it and don’t use it much…Link’s in my sig.


I use blogger, and I have no problem with it. When I post, my posts are there immediately. I’ve never noticed a delay at all

[SIZE=2][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Thanks Starburst & Kelly!

Well Carrie, that is so astute. Important. I like that idea a lot and yes, I think it would look so much more professional. I’m considering both typepad and wordpress. Funny, I found this link that lists the top ten hosts and I’ve never heard of any of them whereas I see typepad and wordpress a lot.

[SIZE=2]Wow, Carrie, that is some site. :pout: Gorgeous actually. I love the first picture (I love fondue) but the cassoulet meat grossed me out this early in the morning. ha

I’m going to read it, it’s really cool…

I use It’s free and they go to great lengths to make sure your blogs are referenced through the various search engines which gives your blog much wider exposure.

I’m a huge wordpress fan. I use for my knitting blog and I also have wordpress installed on my own domain, where I’ve been using it to develop and test templates. It’s free to download and all you need to install it is a mySQL database, which most web hosts offer.

I switched from blogger because not only was it unreliable near the end, they changed the way their templates were coded, and I thought that rather than learn a whole new way to code blogger templates, I’d just learn a new platform, and wordpress came so highly recommended. There are so many online resources for using and coding wordpress…it was not a hard transition for me at all.

Good luck!

I’m a big blogger fan. They have so many cool tools and ways to make your blog your own. I’ve never noticed any delay in my posting either.