Hot Pads - What Yarn to use

I want to knit up some hot pads…should I use 100% wool or 100% cotton or would either be fine?

THANKS for your help!

I’m obviously new!


I must ask…what kind of hotpad?? One to fit a hot water bottle?? Or something that can sit on your neck, or back etc??

Either way…wool might shrink with heat…I think a cotton or cotton blend would best in my opion as it would be a bit better for water exposure.

Hey…there are times when we are all new to something. It is all about what we learn and when…smiles

Or could you mean the type to lift hot pots with? If that’s the case, then felted wool works great. Just make it bigger, then shrink down to size.

If it’s to hold a hot water bottle, or a heating pad, then for my money, fleece is the way to go. Easy to wash, and quick to run up on the machine.

I guess I meant Pot Holder!! To use on top of the stove on pots, and for baking pans.

Hot Pad is probably a regional term.


You’re welcome! Wal-mart or Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc., all have yarns that will work well for this type of project. Another plus, wool doesn’t melt, and felted (or fulled) wool will protect your hands AND table.

Wool, fulled or felted
wool is an excellent insulator

or Cotton (doubled) (this can also be knit over sized and shrunk in hot water wash to make a tighter weave.

(i have 9 blog entries (between April 15th/May 15th) detailing directions for double knit potholder/hot mats.

a also like to make large (double cotton worsted (ie sugar 'n cream) ) “wash clothes” doily’s – in the circle swirl design-- (it can be found on ball band, and lots of other places) as place mat top clothes (for plates hot from oven (or microwave oven!)

IMO cotton, even doubled, isn’t enough. I preferred felted wool hotpads.

I have made them out of Sugar and Cream or Lion Cotton-doubled (using 2 strands of yarn together). I just did them in garter stitch (no purling-no curled edges)They are nice and thick and there are so many pretty colors. Also-inexpensive!! Go nuts!!:yay:

Ha…I wasn’t even thinking of felted…mind you…I was also thinking Hot water bottle cozies smiles…man…I am just having one of those days…