Hot lava pattern help

hello there…im about to make this pattern called hot lava…does anyone ever done that cardigan?hurm the problem is that i dont like the back of the cardigan…

u can view the back picture here :"hot%20lava%20pattern"

do anyone knows how can i modified the back part so it would not snug?

thanks in advance…

Which part of the back don’t you like, the looseness at the top or the tightness at the bottom? What would you like the back to look like?

OOps, I see now, you want the bottom to be looser. I haven’t looked at the pattern closely enough, it looks like she picks up every other stitch, you could pick up more stitches across the back (from underarm to underarm) but still keep the front shaping the same.


ohh…the part i dont like is the loosen on the top…i want it to look tight just like on the bottom…

The pattern starts out with the sleeves in the round, then you knit flat for the part that goes across the upper back, then knit in the round for the other sleeve. So you’d knit less length on the flat part. Though I still think it looks so loose because she’s got her arms up like that.