Hostess gift

I ran across some Christmas colored Sugar 'n Cream. I made a dishcloth, and then wrapped it around a small jar candle. I’m pleased with the way it came out! I’ll be giving out several of these.

What a great idea! I looks so nice :slight_smile:

Ah, this is such a great little gift! Nicely presented!

Very cute!

What a lovely idea! Thanks! I’ll keep this in mind for next year - or any ocassion actually. :slight_smile:

gr8 idea n weldone

What a great idea:yay: I have several friends who like the homemade soaps-I could wrap them in spa cloths

Oh, homemade soaps would be a great idea!

Very pretty. Pattern??

I printed out the pattern a year or more ago, but found the link:

Very pretty indeed.

[color="#330099"]That is definitely a First Day present so the receiver may enjoy using it for the next eleven days.
:yay: :yay:


What a cute idea!

What a great idea. I’ll have to remember this as a gift idea. It could be used all year around, just by changing the color of the cloth. Great last minute gift or birthday gift for a co worker. Thanks for the idea.

Just right for the season. A very thoughtful gift.

That’s a wonderful gift!

Kellee - you are right about it being good for other occasions. The first 2 I made, I used a candle, but then I didn’t have any more candles, so I put a nice soap in another one (someone else suggested that). You could use candies, whatever!

Really clever! And the way you wrapped it around the candle is beautiful.

Just perfect! Love the way you tied it up, too!! :cheering: