Horse Camp

Today I got back from a week at Hoofbeat Ridge Camp in Mazomanie, Wisconsin. ( It was the adopt a horse week. I adopted Star for the week. Almost every morning we went up to the barn at 7:00am to groom and saddle our adopted horses.

On Monday in the afternoon we did barrel racing (at a trot) and I rode a horse named Peter Pan but I fell off because I was going kind of fast. :oops: I was fine though. Then we did mounted games. We played egg and spoon and the vegetable race.

On Tuesday in the afternoon we rode bareback. Then we went on our mystery trip to a park in Baraboo that had a small zoo and then we went to a public pool in Sauk City. Then we went to Culver’s and I got a build your own sundae with Oreos and Cookie Dough. It was yummy!

On Wednesday it rained so the riding lessons were only 20 minutes long. We did an interactive story which is a made up story and if it says trot or something in the story then you have to do that with your horse. In the afternoon the rain stopped so we all groomed our adopted horses and had a halter show and everyone voted to see who would win. Star got 6 votes.

On Thursday we got to choose 2 things to do from trail riding, bareback, or mounted games. I chose to do trail riding and bareback. We also learned how to ground drive. In the evening we had a Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron theme. We did things that related to the movie like leading horses through an obstacle course to “rescue” them.

On Friday we did trail rides again and we got to trot a little on the trails. In the evening we had a campfire and we sang songs. Today (Saturday) we had riding demonstrations for our parents. My dad got a video of me cantering and trotting.

One of my counselors is from Canberra, Australia and she gave us each a pin, a postcard, and a sticker from Australia. Someone in my cabin mentioned knitting and I told them that I knew how to knit socks and they thought that was cool.

what a beautiful horse! it sounds like you had a really fun week! Thanks for sharing it here too … (great videos and pics also…)

That’s so cool!!! what is the breed of the horse?

Oh, that would be a blast. I am glad you brought this up, now I have a new option for a get-a-way. I live in Wisconsin, by Green Bay.

That is a lil’ cutie of a horse. My guess is that it’s a … Morgan?

I don’t know what breed Star is.