Horrible buttonhole mistake

Hello, this is my first post, and it’s a doozie. I finished an adorable baby sweater last night. I was picking out buttons when I realized I had forgotten to put in the bottom buttonhole. Is there a good (pretty) way to create a buttonhole after the fact? The stitching is very tight in that part of the sweater.

Hmmm not that I know of… you could stitch over the area in sewing cotton and once that is reinforced, cut a strand of wool… can you do without that buttonhole or is it on a band that entails undoing just a few rows?

On a baby item I know that many people prefer to have no buttonhole low down, just a few at the top. I’d just leave off that last button. No-one will know.


Thank you. I suppose integrity would dictate that I pick out the 4 or 5 rows from the end that are below the placement for the hole. My picking out needs practice anyway.

There is such a thing as an afterthought buttonhole where you pick up the stitches around the place you want the hole and bind them off. I suspect, though, that a baby sweater has just a yo buttonhole. Maybe you can just pull a strand of yarn to each side and stitch it in place to create a hole?