Horizontal Stripes on SIDEWAYS Sweater?


I’m beginning a simple sweater knit sideways, but would like to incorporate horizontal stripes. I realize that a sweater knit this way can have easily have stripes but they’re necessarily vertical.

I would very much like to know if its possible to keep with this pattern but incorporate HORIZONTAL stripes. And if so, I’m sooooo eager to know how to proceed with it.

THANK YOU to anyone who can give me a hand with this!!

Lots of stripes? You can, but it’s going to require you to use intarsia. If you don’t mind lots of bobbins and little ends to weave in. There are instructions in the video section under advanced techniques. Practice first on a swatch.

Thanks Jan!
The reality is that I am attempting to copy my very favorite sweater (because its the only sweater I’ve ever met that fits me perfectly!!) that was probably machine made but knit sideways, so I’m creating the pattern myself with the help of an expert knitter.
But my dream sweater would have stripes! The sweater from which I am copying is plain black.