Hopeful by Jenna Adorno

Is there any way to get this pattern since it’s no longer available for sale?

Cute top. I haven’t been able to find any info about where Jenna hangs out these days since her ‘this girl knits’ site is closed.

Maybe try contacting Knitty Gritty or knitty.com - she has been on the TV show and has had several patterned published at knitty in the past - maybe one of them will know where to reach her now.

When I google it, I see a lot of people who did it in the KAL. What about contacting one of them? I don’t know anything about patterns that were once sold, but I was thinking if it’s no longer for sale…maybe it would be okay for one of those people to share it with you? Maybe that’s why off base, but it’s a place to start at least.

i have tried to email a ton of people and knitty gritty and i’ve heard nothing back. it’s kind of frustrating. oh well lol.

What a shame. It’s an adorable top. I wonder what happened to the designer, it’s like she dropped off the face of the earth! Hope she is OK…

I did find a pattern that looks similar to the Hopeful pattern:


It has the same V-neck and sleeve caps, but it’s prettier with the basketweave pattern around the waist. The only thing missing is the tie part around the neck. Maybe you could add that somehow yourself? Maybe I’m crazy, but this looks really close to me. Anyone else think so?

That is really cute! If I can figure out how to do the tie it would be great Any ideas?

That shouldn’t be too hard. How about cast on 50 stitches, pick up xx stitches around the V-neck edge, then cast on 50 stiches. Knit in garter stitch for 1" - 1.5". 50 Stitches would have to be figured out, I just grabbed that number out of the air. Whatever your stitches per inch is times how many inches you want the ties.

I think on the Hopeful design, there is about 1.5" - 2" of i-cord at the V-neck where the 2 ties feed thru. Some people left that off and tied the 2 ties.

I made it my mission and was able to find the pattern! I contacted people on Ravelry who have made the pattern, and one was extra helpful and actually made contact with Jenna, who gave permission to that person to give me the pattern and said if the recipient made a donation to her cause, even better, but not necessary. I can’t imagine not wanting to. I’m going to make a donation myself since I have the pattern in my hands and have given the link to jcurry to make a similar donation if she so chooses.

I was really glad to find out she’s okay. After my searching over the past few days, I started to worry that something had happened to her.

You are such a wonderful person to go out of your way like this. Like I told you in the email if there’s anything I can do for you please let me know.

Did Jenna mention if this pattern was going to be published anywhere else in the near future? I’d love to make this! I was so sad to see on Ravelry that the pattern was no longer available.

Hi there,
I’d love to get hold of this pattern. Does anyone still have it? I’d also gladly make a donation to Janna’s cause.