I am learning to knit gloves, I’ve made 4 of the half-finger style. The first one was too big with a crooked finger. Second one was smaller with a crooked finger…gee whiz! I actually completed a pair that looked okay and no crooked fingers. Now I started another set but this one will have complete fingers. I am using Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool and it is SOOO…soft. I plan to have this pair come out beautiful.:mrgreen:

I’m sure they will! I’d love to see pictures of them :happydance:

[COLOR="#300090"]I’d also love to see pictures of them.

I’d also like to learn how to knit gloves, is the pattern on the Internet?

– Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]

I don’t know which pattern she’s using, but this is a good way to learn about gloves.

Thanks for that link Jan! I’ve bookmarked it for when I “take the plunge” into gloves!

I’ve saved that file too. I want to dive into gloves at some point too - may be a nice summer project since they’re small. I’m sure my first pair won’t be great, but ya gotta start somewhere!

Sorry to have been so long in answering…I don’t get on the internet often. The book I got the glove pattern out of was from the library(King County System). I beleive the title was ‘Knitted Accessories’.
I had to turn it back in after 1 renewal but I also saw it at Joann Fabrics for around 15-$20.

I recommend trying the short finger gloves first and then go for the full fingered. I would like to get a picture of them on here, I’ll have to ask my kids for help(they know everything technical).

Anyway, the gloves turned out well. I made them out of a creamy fisherman’s wool and my husband wears them to work all the time…so I’ll have to snag them from the laundry again (which they handle well) and then we’ll try to get a picture up. I would like to make some more pairs in verigated colors. I am also interested in light-weight yarn patterns for some spring-summer gloves…maybe wristlets or the short fingered version. I love knitting, it’s relaxing, peaceful and portable!:woot:

I’d suggest you actually download the article and not just bookmark it. I have had things bookmarked from Interweave’s site that disappeared later.