Hook Size Question

I haven’t ever crocheted before, but I’m knitting a pattern currently that calls for a nice scalloped edging around the neckline. I’ve watched some videos about how to do the techniques that the pattern calls for and I think I’ll be okay.

Here’s my question: the pattern calls for a crochet hook size H-8. I’ve swatched for the item in question and will be using increased sizes of knitting needles, but do I have to do a swatch or change the hook size at all since it is for edging? What does the “8” mean in the sizing anyway? I’m not very familiar with crochet terminology.

Thanks for the help. This is the pattern: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90082AD.html?noImages=

The H-8 hook is similar in size to an 8 knitting needle, so if you’re going up in needle size, you’d probably want a larger hook too.

Thank you.

I’m using size 11 needles for the main body of the sweater. The pattern calls for size 10 needles and the H-8 hook. So, should I get a size 9 hook if I’m using 11 needles. What letter does that correspond to? I-9?

I think maybe you need a J/10. The hook used is 2 sizes smaller than the needles, and while the H/8 is 2 sizes smaller than the 10s, the I is 3 sizes smaller than the 11s. You basically went up 2 sizes on the needles, so you go up 2 sizes on the hook too.

Glad I asked. Thank you. I know nothing about crochet hooks.