Hoody pattern?

Now my DS wants what he’s calling a “light sweater”, but I think what he really wants is for me to knit him a hoody, (hood, zipper, side pockets…). Any ideas for patterns? :??

Knitpicks has a very cute hoodie, which is designed for a DD, I suppose… you might want to re-think the color and the heart in the middle, if it’s for DS :slight_smile:

That is very cute. I think it’s the weight he wants, but he wants it to zip. Thanks!

Here’s one that zips.

Love it! Do you think I can make it bigger? Thanks!!!

Golly, I don’t know. What size is your child?

He’s 17, wears men’s medium. So it’s a very big difference in size to try to figure out.


I found this, but it might be for machine knitting, I haven’t looked at it that closely.


This one has a jacket, and I think I read in the description elsewhere it zips, but didn’t say about a hood.