Hoodie question

I’m working on the front of the hoodie, and now I have no idea what to do!
I’ve been working on the front of the sweater and now I have to “Divide for front opening”.
Next row (right side) K23 sts, turn and work on these sts only for first side of front, loeve rem sts on a spare needle.
next row P to end.
next row K21, m1, k3.

I don’t have a clue where to start!

Please help,


You are going to at this point divide the front into two sections. There are different ways to do this, but in this case you’ll only be working on half the stitches at a time.

So just follow the directions–knit across 23 stitches and put the rest of the stitches on a holder or spare needle. Then you turn and purl back, working these stitches exclusively.

ok, so when it says to K21, m1, k3. The m1 stands for adding a stitch?
And then after that it says cont to inc one st as set on 5 foll right side rows. 30 sts.
That means to basically do it for 10 rows, right? 5 of them being knit rows?

Yes, m1 is an increase.

They want you to increase on only the right side rows, doing the m1 increase three stitches in from the end.

So the first one is k21, m1, k3.
Then you purl the row.
Next would be k22, m1, k3
Then purl
k23, m1, k3

until you get to k26, m1, k3

You can find directions for the M1 increase in the videos, or just lift the bar between the two stitches with your left needle from front to back and knit into the small loop at the back.

ok, I got all of that done, now I have to move on to the next step, and it threw me for a loop again.
Here it is:
Shape Shoulder:
right side: Bind off 13sts, k a further 7 sts, m1, k to end.
I don’t know what k a further 7 means. Does it just mean to continue after you’ve binded off the 13 stitches to then knit 7 stitches and then add one and finish knitting?


Yes, just knit 7 more. I originally said 6 more so you’d have 7, but I think you should knit 7 more and end up with 8 including the one left over from the bind off–that’s why they said a further 7.

Stuck again!

Ok, i’ve done all that, then it told me to purl the rest of the stitches, and leave them on a holder. I don’t know what a holder is. An extra needle?

Then it says right side, rejoin yarn to rem sts on spare needle, k to end. Rejoin yarn, does that mean to just grab the yarn i was using and do what i did when i first split the two?

Thanks so much!


one more thing. Do i cut the yarn when i go back to the other stitches? or do i just leave it long in between?

An “official” stitch holder looks like a big safety pin. In a pinch you can just run a piece of yarn through the stitches with a tapestry needle.

As for reattaching and continuing, you’ve got that right.

Now I have to move on to the hood!

This is where i may be reading it wrong!

It says:
Next row (right side) [K10, m1, k8]
across sts of right front, cast on 38 sts for back, then [k8, m1, k10] across sts of left front. 76 sts.
Does this mean, you knit what you have, the 18 stictches, adding one after 10 stitches, then on that same row you just cast on 38 extra stitches, and then pick up the piece that I have put aside with the yarn through it to finish it off, adding the extra m1 after the k8?

I hope I’m starting to figure it out!



Oh my,
Now I’m totally confused, I knit the first 18 that had to be done, adding the m1. However, now that it’s there, I don’t know what side I have to add the 38 cast ons. Does it end up between the neck opening, or is it where the outside of the shoulders would end up?

Your starting on the right front side of the sweater, so those cast on stitches will go across the back–they’ll be the bottom of the hood. I think some hoodies are designed this way so that you’ll have a seam at the neck to prevent drooping. :thinking:

This sounds exactly like a toddler hoodie that I was working on and Ingrid was there to save me when I got stuck as well! She is right, of course, that what you are working on is the hood and as she says, just “trust the pattern”. It will look a little odd until you are done with the hood and then you can picture how it will turn out. Hang in there!

Ok, I finished the hoodie part, it really had me confused for a bit, but I can finally see the big pic! Now I’m off to start the sleeves!

Thanks so much for you help!