Hooded vest instruction needed

Im trying to keep my sentences as short as possible

I need help on knitting a hooded vest, button n pockets on

A, knit from neck line
B, cute pointy hood
C. Step to step Instructions on my next step

This is my first knitting garment and I’m in progress of :

Swatch 1" 5 sts
On circular needless 5mm knit in a round until armholes shaping into three piecesm two front n one back.

Target has 32" chest and I’m trying to reach maybe 35".

It’s length now is 21" from bottom, 8" of armholes

I have 104sts on loose hanging n don’t know what to do about it.

I have seamed 7 stitiches of either front to the back, but only because cant be sure why else I can do :frowning:

Please help and thank you very much in advance

I have been browsing around but there seems to be not possible to find a boy size hooded vest buttoned n pockets on for Free…


This is similar to my request except the cute isn’t pointy n long enough

Any of your contribution is very much appreciated!!!


I’m in Asia n I don’t usually stay up late but this is the day. I’m very sleepy but I’m so desperately needing help, here’s a previous attempt on getting help, im posting here to double check if I left out any important points to ask…

If you have already made the body of the sweater, you will need to PICK UP AND KNIT (videos available on web of how to do this skill) the collar/neckline to make the rest of the hoodie.

Here is a pattern that does just that. It should help you understand what to do, though you may need to adjust sizes to fit the sweater you already have and the final size you need.

I’m not exactly sure what kind of hood you’re looking for, but hoods usually are not gender specific. This means you can broaden your search to look for hoods in general–whether they’re originally intended for man, woman, boy, or girl is not important. Nor is it essential that the hood be part of a vest either–any hood on any kind of garment–as long as it’s the right shape–should work for you.

Secondly, it seems to me that once you find a pattern you like, you can follow the instructions (posted by others here and on the other thread you linked to) for a basic hood until you get to the directions for the hood’s point. Then you could switch over to the pattern.

There are lots and lots of garments with pointy hoods on Ravelry (free to join). Have you looked there for one that suits you?

Thank you very much for your help

I have found this as an example to elaborate my question. I have knitted a rectangle shape of hood as in above site, pick up and knit, but when I fold in half, it doesn’t look like a hood to me.

Can some of you help me how exactly to do please?

I have 8" - 18" - 8"
Which also means
47 sts - 87sts - 47sts

I have sewed 7 sts on both front pcs to the back so it becomes
40sts - 73sts - 40sts
In the circular needles now

I don’t know if it is correct to sew 14sts (7 on each) of the back pcs but I am guessing it

Pls help and guide me how many to sew up and how many is needed for the hood

What’s the calculation of hood especially when I need to knit it from the front pcs, bcos its a button pattern

I found many said I need 13" height of the hood from neckline but I don’t know how to make it look like a triangle hood from a rectangle garment

May I know what r the rules of knitting a hood?
For eg knitting a vest we usually do in either three pcs to seam up later or do in a circular needle until 13" for starting of armholes shaping for 8" bla bla bla…
So what is it for knittin a hood?

There r different types of hood, longer larger pointy ones would look cute for kids, shorter ones would suitable for adults n less bulky but bulky would look cute for kids…

I am sorry if the language I use isn’t appropriate but I’m trying my best to elaborate my needs and hopefully you can help me out

Thank you very much in advance!!

In further, I also need to know what means of a neckline, do I need a neckline bcos it is one piece from bottom to top of the hood for back, front are opened for button so it doesn’t really need anywhere to define the neck ?

I suspect maybe a neckline is needed to support to pulling of the hood so maybe on the neck area I need to knit with smaller needles? Or I need special stitches on this area?

Please help!!!

There are many ways to make and attach a hood. The pattern you link to is good and uses an easy method for doing this. Knit the rectangle, fold so the short edges are together and seam one of the long edges. That makes the back of the hood. Then sew the short edges to the neckline. When you fold the piece over this way, it’s more of a square but that’s what most children’s hoods are.
You don’t need to make a neckband for support but you can make one with a size smaller needle if you like the look. Pick up and knit from one front edge around to the back and then on along to the other front edge and knit in k1p1 ribbing or whatever you like for an inch or two and bind off. You can then sew the hood to the inside of the neckband.
I mentioned in the other thread that when you get near the end of the hood, you can cast off most of the sts leaving the center sts to knit for a few rows more to give a pointy tip to the hood. (Do this by casting off about 2/5 of the sts, knitting to the end, turn, cast off 2/5, leaving you the center sts on the needles.) I’ve never found this necessary since the corner that forms when you fold the hood over and seam one side is point enough but you can do it.

Thank you for the reply. It makes things much clearer now.

But knitting a rectangle is not my priority. Could u please tell me:

Is it possible not to seam on top of the hood?
Is there a way to knit from neckline to the top ?
Does neckline means something of an inch like collar from left to the back n to the right side?
How many stitiches are needed from those three pcs?

I cant seem to find anything for free for:
Chest measurement 32"
Knit in a round
Button up
Vest and hood

Again, thank you anyone on reading n replying !! Any guidance or advices will be very much appreciated !!