Hood-alternative bind off?


I’m starting a very basic pattern for child’s hooded cardigan.

The bind off instructions for the hood are stepped decreases:

Shape back seam: Bind off 7 sts beg next 8 rows. Bind off remaining 29 sts.

The ‘make up’ instructions are:

Fold hood in half at back and sew back seam - then tells you how to position hood to button bands, etc.

I know of the three-needle bind off for shoulders but would that or some other kind of bind off work in this case for the 4-step decrease on each side of hood?


Many Thanks

You can do short row shaping in anticipation of 3 needle bind off.

You work until there are 7 stitches left, wrap and turn, then work back. Then work until there are 14 left, wrap and turn, work back. Keep doing this, not knitting the 7 stitches you would have bound off on each row. Then on the final row, work all the way across, picking up the wraps.

Then you can do 3 needle bo. I think it will make a much, much nicer seam.

When she works back, wouldn’t she also work until 7 sts from that end too, then wrap and turn? Same with the following rows… work until 7 sts from previous wrap for a total of 4 wrapped sts on each side. Then work all the way to the end, picking up the wraps, turn and again work all the way to the end, picking up wrap. Now do the 3 needle BO.

You’re absolutely right! I missed that it was shaped at both ends.

Do what Suzeeq says!:thumbsup:

I thought maybe it was just too early and you missed that part… :lol:

Thank you both very much Ingrid and Suseeq - I’ll print off the instructions you’ve both given me and keep them with the pattern.

You’ve saved me endless angst :hair:

All the Best