Honey or Bumble Bee Blanket Pattern Please!

You came to my rescue the last few times, so here I am again!
I am looking for a children’s blanket (adult will do) to knit with honeybees in it. I just completed one with teddy bears in it created using a reverse stitch, but I am willing to try new things! If you have any sites, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :hug:

Here is a bee dishcloth that you can perhaps mod to your size/needs…

Not much offering but found some colour charts that might be usable in some way.

Cute one here, maybe as a center piece for blanket?
"Bee my Honey"
This stitching chart might work for knitting. You could re-arrange the ‘words’ and make it into “My Honey Bee” or just “Honey Bee” . :teehee:

Oops! Just noticed That ‘Honey Bee’ chart in a PC stitch file. :noway: Sorry about that. Probably not much good to you like that.
I do have that program though, so can send you a usable copy of chart if you want it.