Honey of a hexipuff?

hey you. and y’all. and all y’all…

thinking about a hexipuff/beekeeper’s quilt, since i can do the hexagons fairly quickly, mindlessly, and use up some stash yarn. and i may have to go to seattle more frequently in the coming weeks/months, but with a lot of waiting and downtime.

http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-beekeepers-quilt is the original quilt pattern.

http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#craft=knitting&view=captioned_thumbs&query=hexipuffs&sort=best has all sorts of charts and options for the puffs.

but i’m curious if anybody on here has done it? if so, what did you like/hate about it? did you use fingering/DK/worsted/etc? (i’m leaning towards worsted) did you attach your corners tied-quilt style, or something more substantial? puffy fill or cut flat batting? any other insights/recommendations?

thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought that was cute, but I’d hate seaming and I think I’d like them not stuffed. :lol:

That said, I have a friend who made them from her fingering weight scraps from socks and it was really pretty!

i’ve seen a bunch of videos on them the last few days… one of them, queerjoeknits i think, showed how to make them in strips, so there’d be less seaming. basically he knit one, and instead of using kitchener to close it, that’s where he started the 2nd one, and so on. it was interesting, but i kind of like the country quilt idea, with the yarn ties.

Interesting. I just watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAC2hEmXYzM and can’t help thinking using a circ would be so much easier. I have to try some of these.

agreed… but, joe’s on a number of sites, including his own blog(s) and seems to prefer DPNS in most cases… i’d at least do 2 circs, but that’s me.

I’m thinking about how I’m going to do this. I know I want larger hexes whatever I end up doing with them. I’m thinking worsted weight, I think you mentioned that in an earlier post. I could scroll down and look I guess. :wink: I expect that pu&k to add new modules would work also. If they all have to be seamed together or every last one of them has to be Kitchenered…not happening here.

ETA I watched…well played and endured…the video linked to on the pattern page and one other besides Joe’s and so far I’ve only seen DPN which is fine for people who want to use them.

endured… ha ha… yes, she is a… personality all her own. :wink:

ohmygoshthey’resosmooshyandgooshyandijustwanttoeatthemupandohsosoft… :wink: but i did like her commentary on her neighbor - haven’t we all been there before? :slight_smile:

There are some people who should not be allowed near a video camera. :doh:

I bought the pattern years ago. I’m still thinking unstuffed, but maybe lightly stuffed would be okay. Either way it would be reversible so yay! Bigger and stuffed might make them mattress like, but it would be a conversation starter! Also faster to make!

in my usual OCD way, i wondered about using batting sheets and cutting uniform hexagonal pieces, instead of just shoving a random sized wad of buffalo snow inside. then even the ‘waste’ pieces around the edges of the batting sheets could be used, since they’d be pieces of a hexagon. would just need to arrange and quickly baste a few together. but, again… the OCD at work :slight_smile:

Batting sheets sounds like a brilliant idea!

:aww: Oh dear - I am a beekeeper and thought you had a natty knit pattern for a quilt, which in beekeeping terms is a cover to go between the bees and the roof… I guess I’ll stick with the sacking, then :smiley:

How dare you! Just yesterday when I was thinking about these I was considering using batting also. :mrgreen: I’ve been thinking about larger ones. Those itsy bitsy ones just make me shudder.

Whatsername and Cat Bordhi could make a video together. I guess you could have gone another day without that combo in your head.

How cool that you keep bees. You probably have the very best honey.

Do English bees buzz with an English accent? I wonder if our American bees sound strange to you.

Yes, our bees surely do produce a premium product! I think Bzzzz is a universal language though!

If I can see how to post a photo, I’ll show you a couple of woolly ones I made…

X, you are making me nervous. Sometimes I think you are invading my mind. When we both think about the same things at about the same time it can get sorta scary. :achoo:

Size matters. If the photo is too large it will have to be resized. Other than that, there is a paperclip above the reply box that you can click on and from there you’ll be able to see what’s next.

You made wooly bees? Yeah, that I want to see!

i will take my brains - i mean inspiration - wherever i can get them - i mean it. :wink:

i will say… i co-opted and expanded one of cat’s techniques for my latest sock toe. she does that thing of leaving a long tail, so on her first increase round she knits with both working yarn and tail, doubling the number of stitches right away… well, i did that. i started turkish style with 10 wraps. knit around once so there’s 20 stitches total (10 top needle, 10 bottom needle). then used my long long (18"?) tail to knit all 20 of those stitches, instantly doubling my stitch count to 40. boom boxy toe. i like the look, and the technique was easy, even on the size 2 needles, with fingering yarn, that i’m not used to. maybe i’d just do better with cat’s books, instead of videos? :wink:

Cyber-Zombie!!! :zombie:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Oh. I guess it could work the other way too. :??

Cat has some good ideas and techniques. I have learned from her online contributions. I have probs with the animal stories and feeling like she’s talking down to all us ignoramuses. I guess she was a preschool teacher and that influences her style. I’m not in preschool and don’t care for it. Apparently a lot of people do or at least don’t have a real prob with it.

A light just came on. That toe method for sox doesn’t seem like my cuppa but for slippers toe-up it might be just the ticket. I’m working through reworking slipper foots (call the grammar police!) that are based on DROPS patterns. DD tried them on and immediately I knew they had to be reworked. I’ve added short rows to make the back of the heel taller, extended the tongue flap and am leaving the toe boxier. I really hate working with this yarn for this project (the RHSS Blacklight) but for a very limited number of people I will.