Homemade Starch recipe


Does anyone have a home-made recipe for the starch needed when blocking a lace piece?

I cannot find any store-bought products, and was advised to make my own.

I’d love to, but I need a tested & tried recipe.


I found this site http://www.crochetmemories.com/crochet8.php

It has an assortment of stiffener recipes. You should be able to find one that would work for what you need.

Have you used any of those recipes?

I’m looking for something to lightly stiffen the ‘Egeblad’ I knitted. I’m scared to try something unknown, for fear of ruining my work.

Does anyone have any ‘tried & true’ recipes?

Are you sure that you cannot find spray starch (it comes in a pressurized can) in the laundry section of your market? One major brand is Niagara, and it comes in soft and stiff versions. If you don’t like the results, it washes right out.

Cornstarch and water would also wash out easily. I knew people years ago who “starched” doilies with sugar water, but I would be concerned about attracting flies :noway:, or having the sugar dissolve in humid weather.