Homemade Specialty Yarn

The other day I was watching a Knitty Gritty episode, where they made beautiful items with simple rectangles and easy stitches. It was the specialty yarns that made the difference. Unfortunately, I can’t afford that stuff, so I went looking for ideas in my yarn cupboard. I came up with several, knitted up some samples, and posted them on my website. (Please excuse the lousy page design–I need to work on that site, but I’m too busy with my daughter’s pet expo).
I’m really sorry I didn’t think up the elastic trick for the footies I knitted last Christmas. It comes out really thick, soft, and stretchy.
Now I want to try a pattern, using the “party” or “confetti” idea. I’m thinking I could take a simple picture–like the logo on Love Your Pet Expo, turn it into a transparent gif file, print it on graph paper, and count the stitches to transfer it to my knitting. Then, I could add the black yarn as a 2nd color and make the pattern that way. For something like a sunflower, the ends could be left hanging. I’ll bet this isn’t making a bit of sense, is it. :?? As soon as I get something finished, I’ll post a photo.
Anybody else have ideas for making specialty yarns?

How creative are you?!? Those are fantastic!!! I think my favorite is the icecles.

YIKES! I misspelled “icicles”. Thanks for the heads-up–I fixed it on my website.
We have cats that chew everything, so I can’t use that one, myself. Yesterday, they went after the miniblinds. I found all the strings chewed off this morning. AARRGGHH!!
I really want to try a “tapestry” project, using the party/confetti idea to form patterns. If anybody else tries that, please share. I’d love to put your projects on my website, too.
As far as creativity goes, for me it happens in spurts. I had absolutely no inspiration at all over Christmas, then, last week I was bombarded with ideas. Now I’m going dry again. <sigh>

i LOVE your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing…yes, there might be a lightbulb going on…