Holst supersoft

Hello everyone, l hope you are all well. We have all had covid after us isolating at home since this viral strain emerged. Praise God my Daddy who is 93 was the least affected and he is healthy, fit and completely recovered. The kids were violently sick for 2 days. I coasted along after a very bad first night. My youngest said he kept waking me as l was shivering and my teeth chattered so much , he thought l was going to bite my tongue or chip teeth. Anyway, totally flat and no get up and go, it’s just going to take time.

Now, my knitting question.
Jamieson and Smith jumper weight yarn is 2ply, quite expensive and l own very little of it. I am on a tight budget as l am a single Mama.
Holst Supersoft is 4ply, quite good value for money and l own a decent amount in a wide range of colours.
The vast majority of my knitting is Christmas gift knitting, and maybe because lm a process knitter l tend to knit slowly.
The items l would like to knit for gifts are Norwegian and Latvian fingerless mittens, cowls, tams and fishermen keps. Also lm a beginner colourwork except for a few pairs of socks where l just made up the design. The Christmas gift knits lm choosing are simple and in books like, “Knit like a Latvian,” “The Nordic knitting primer,” two free patterns from Fine Fettle Yarns, a beautiful free cowl pattern by Jean Floŕes which she designed specifically for beginners participating in the Woolly Thistle colourwork accessory kal which has just started and the Balvonie Bonnet which is a free pattern by the Woolly Thistle designed specifically for this kal. I feel the Balvonie Bonnet is outside of my colourwork skills at present.
My question is
Can l substitute Jamieson and Smith 2ply jumper weight with the 4ply Holst Supersoft or will the extra plies in Holst have an effect. Of course l shall swatch with stockinette in the round, then continue to swatch in the colourwork pattern to see if l need to change needle size or go up a needle size,( ie. increase needle size by 0.5mm).
This is all completely new to me and l would be so grateful for any advice.
Thank you, Lorna

Sorry to hear that you’ve had such a difficult time but good to know that you all are on the mend. It has been so difficult for the past 2 years but perhaps we’re coming closer to the end. I hope you and your family continue to get stronger every day.

On the yarn, it’s possible that you can substitute the Holst but as you suggest, swatches. The Holst Supersoft is listed on Ravelry at 25-32sts per 4" and the Jamieson and Smith 2 ply at 32sts. You’ll have to see if you like the feel of the knit swatches and the drape. I’ve heard very good things about the Holst but haven’t yet worked with it myself.

Thank you Salmonac, l hope all is well with you too. The virus is rife here at this time N. Ireland. Thank you for your thoughts. When l swatch and knit the cowl lshall let you know how l got on.
Kindest regards, Lorna


Sorry to hear younwere all so poorly.
Glad it’s passing. Take care, give yourself time to recover.

Have you got enough of each yarn to do a swatch and compare them to each other? I’ve bought, but not used Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weight, from Wool Warehouse, who listed it as 3ply in weight. I’m not sure I’d try and use it as a 4 ply, but everyone knits differently.
Sorry to hear you and your children were so ill, I hope you’re all doing better now. It’s fantastic that your dad escaped the worst of it!

Thank you for your most kind words. We are well recovered now, praise God. Of all the variants and us all vaccinated it was probably the least dangerous mutant. I hope you and your family and friends are all well. Stay safe as this disease has not gone away. Here in N. Ireland we still wear masks indoors and the kids still wear masks in school even though all restrictions have been lifted. Thank you again, God bless you xx


Thank you for your advice on using swatches to check guage. I decided to go the easier route and use Drops Nord to knit the most beginner friendly colourwork mitts l could source, the Lindsey Mitts by Abbie Groves. Hopefully l shall be able to load my progress and let you know how l am getting on. I hope you and your family and friends are well, God bless you and thank you again for replying xx

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