Holiday Gifts

I know it’s just now summer but I knit slowly so I’ve already started thinking about holiday gifts. Thankfully, my gift giving list is short.

I’m going to try to stay away from scarves because I find them a tad boring.

So far I’ve finished one pair of felted slippers (from Donna Wellman’s free pattern and I like them very much I just have to figure out how to make them even longer since both me and my mom have canoes for feet!

I always give soap for gifts, so I’m going to make a few soap socks. Little bags you put the soap in and use it as a washcloth/soap holer.

I thought about doing socks, but those are pretty labor intensive for me.

What’s on your gift knitting list for the holidays? I need more ideas.

what about hats and/or mittens? Felted coasters? Felted purses?

My friends love my little felted purse…it only took one skein and went quickly.

Oooh did you use a pattern? I like that idea. I need quick ideas since we don’t draw names until Thanksgiving :roll:

I’ll probably whip up some hats and scarves and just hope they match up with some peeps. If not I guess I can give them to parents. Slippers/clogs would be good.

Not knitting related but this year I am making gormet mustards as well :slight_smile: Yes, I always plan this far ahead (yet I don’t shop until December… go figure :roll: )

Gourmet mustards? That sounds interesting. Care to share?

I love the ideas so far! Thanks.