Holes/spaces in seed stitch

My seed stitch is driving me crazy. I have a fairly even tension when I knit, but I am wondering if I should be holding the yarn tighter? I have about 10 rows completed, and when I hold it up to the light, my seed stitch is full of holes/spaces. Do I try smaller needles? Hold the yarn tighter? (I feel like it’s all pretty tight already!) Everything I am reading says seed stitches should be dense and no lace-like holes. Thanks!

It may help to pull the yarn slightly when you bring the yarn forward to purl. That’s usually the step that creates the holes.
The second thing to try is to go down a needle size as you mentioned and see if that helps. Try it out on a swatch.
Are you a generally loose knitter?

Is the gap/hole in the space after the knit stitch? I ask because I’ve been told the purl stitch uses more yarn because of the way it’s wrapped. Many (most?) people have success with pulling the yarn tighter or going down a needle size.

That said… I had a similar problem with ribbing (I rarely do seed stitch) and the loose/gappy space between knits and purls drove me crazy. Nothing I did worked so… I figured out that if I wrapped the first purl after a knit under instead of over the needle it tightens up nicely. The second purl if you have one is purled normally. What’s happening with that first purl is you’re twisting the stitch. This does cause it to look twisted on the back so if the project is reversible this won’t work. For things like sweaters, hats and socks it’s usually fine.

IF your project is reversible you can try untwisting the twisted stitch by knitting into the back of the twisted stitch. Since it’s a purl you’re twisting the back side would be a knit. I usually use this on things like hats so they are knit in the round and there is no backside.

Because I rarely do seed stitch I don’t know how this would work, but if you try other methods and it doesn’t help give this a try. And PLEASE try it on a swatch first not your project.

Thank you for the advice! I’ve tried going down two needle sizes, and the holes between my stitches are still happening. :expressionless: So any other ideas are welcomed! It’s like my “seeds” are tight together, and the spaces are between the seeds.

salmonmac: I wouldn’t say I’m a loose knitter, which is why this issue has been so frustrating to me. I have been knitting for a long time, and I guess I’ve just never used the seed stitch in any previous patterns for it to be an issue.

Jan_in_CA: I will see if I can wrap my purls, and maybe that will fix the problem.


@Elisabethprice I used to have a blog, but haven’t posted in years. Just for kicks I looked it up because I had a post about this. It’s sorta still there… just looks weird. There’s a link within the post that might be helpful, too.


@Jan_in_CA I would love to check out the blog- I think you sent me a link from within the blog, so I am not allowed to view it. If you have a chance, could you send me the appropriate link? :slight_smile: Or I can try to find the post if you send me the name of the blog.

Oh! I found the actual page. It pays to read updates I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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