Holes in my cables

How do I not get those really irritating holes when I make my cables?

Lynda m
1992-2006 Homer

That happens with cables. Knitting tighter doesn’t seem to help - I think I read it makes it worse. After you’ve knit several inches they’re not so noticeable and will even out a bit after you’ve blocked or washed it.


Here’s several threads where this was asked about recently. The search feature is your friend. :wink:

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To summarize, the holes in cabling are normal. They are caused by the crossing of the yarns. Try to do them a little loosely. Yarns without much give like cotton can make it appear worse, too. :heart:

Duh, never even thought of the search. Thanks for the info,though, now I don’t feel so bad about the gaping holes.

Lynda M
1992-2006 Homer