Holes from turns

Hey All,
I’m Knitting patons cable yoke baby sweater, and for my turnings on the front I have “holes” where the stitches appear to be longer.
I used the method given (yarn purlside, slip st, yarn knitside, turn, slip st, continue) and had done the same thing to the back, which looks fine.
to fix it do I need to frog and reknit tighter at the turns, or is it able to be fixed at blocking or with a quickfix?

To frog or not to frog… that is the question. [sorry, couldn’t resist]

Depends totally on you. Can you live with the gaps? Can you tie the more dramatic gaps closed and get on with the work? Or-- do the gaps bother you so much, no matter what you do, that you wince every time you pick up the work? If the latter, then you should seriously consider hitting the frog pond.

That’s been my criteria for many years.


Are these for short rows? Have you knit back over the turns and picked up the sts yet? That should help close up the holes when you knit the sts with the wrap st.

Yes, I have knitted back over the “turned” short rows, that’s what showed up the holes.
I think I’m going to frog the turns, they’re just too big (I had a feeling that would be the case but was hoping I could get out of it:sad: ). I just wish I knew how I stuffed the front and not the back.

:frog: FV

But are you picking up the wrapped stitch with a stitch when you knit back again? I also found the `normal’ way to do a wrap and turn didn’t work for me, so I wrap the stitch from the back to front instead of front to back and I don’t have a problem. I leave the yarn in back, slip the stitch, turn, then slip the stitch and move the yarn in back and finish the row.