Holding 2 strands from 1 ball

Want to begin the Lion Brand “One Ball makes one Hooded Baby Afghan.” Using Pound of Love. Instructions say Blanket and hood are worked holding 2 strands of yarn together throughout. How to you hold 2 strands from the same ball? I have done this with 2 different balls of yarn but never 1. If there are any good videos would love the information. Thanks!

Maybe you know that your ball of yarn has one inner beginning (tugging the yarn from the inside) and one outer beginning (tugging the yarn from the outside) of the ball.

To knit with 2 strands from one skein, you take those two ends, and knit.

They can be difficult to spot, but normally, it should be possible, except if you have a strange ball.

Thanks, haven’t looked at the yarn yet was reading the instructions. Hopefully, it is easy to find the 2 ends. I thought it was probably something simple but wanted to check in here first.

If you get a skein to wind, my ballwinder gives me a ball I can either work from the inside (centerpull ball) or from the outside, or both at the same time.

I bought a ball of this on sale and tried to use two strands from the same ball. It became a tangled up mess. So I have wound it into several balls with my ball winder and now I have center pull balls. I would definitely recommend you do that with this huge ball. If you don’t have a ball winder wind it by hand around a toilet paper roll.