Hogwarts Scarf

I know a lot of people are probably going to try and knit a nifty scarf before the new movie premier, and I had a hunch I’m not the only on KH who is. :wink: So I figured I’d start a knit-along! Yay!

There are two different scarves I’ll be making. One is a block scarf as in the first and second movies. The pattern I’m using is here.

The scarf I’m working on now is like the scarves in The Prisoner of Azkaban, and from what I can tell, it’ll be like the one’s in Goblet of Fire too. XD The pattern for that scarf is here.

I just started knitting it today. I hope someone joins me! :slight_smile:

I’m at my fourth stripe in the first scarf - does that still count? I didn’t like the PoA design as much, so I’m sticking to the design from the first two movies. It’s actually going to be a Christmas present for my little brother, but if I can get it done by the time the movie comes out it’d be neat.
I’m considering investing in some books on cassette/CD, though. I can only take so much of this knitting every row before I need something else to do or I go insane.

Welcome to the knit-along! Yay!!!

I like that design too. What house scarf are you making? I’m making a slytherin scarf, and it’s a birthday present for my little sister. I’ll also be trying to make a ravenclaw book color PoA style scarf for myself, and a Ravenclaw movie Sorcerer’s Stone version scarf for my cousin. @__@ Prbably not before the movie, but I do want to make them. :smiley:

I’m really glad you joined! :heart:

Whoops, I forgot to mention. I’m making the Gryffindor scarf because that’s just the way my little brother is - he’d love to be Harry Potter. I might make myself a Ravenclaw scarf sometime, although I don’t know which colour set I’d use. The bibliophile in me wants to stay true to the books, but the magpie in me likes the shiny silver so much. Bah, nobody will get it either way, since Ravenclaw gets next to no publicity. It’ll just be a pretty scarf.

LOL! I understand! But that’ll actually work in my favor. I’ll be able to wear the scarf everwhere without being labled as an HPfanatic. Which is good sometimes. :wink:

I’m having a hard time deciding which colors to make too. I love the book version, because it’s canon. But I LOVE silver and blue together!!! I think I’ll just have to make two. :slight_smile:

I finished the first MC stripe, and the first CC stripe. I’m working on the next MC and I’m trying to finish at least the second CC by tonight. Then I might have a fighting chance of getting this scarf done within three weeks. ^^"

You’re not the only one! I’m doing the PS/SS/CoS scarf, I started it on August 7th. I’m a little more than halfway done. I’ve been stalling lately, though. I’m working on something else for a little bit. :slight_smile:


WOW! Cool idea!!! I hope everyone posts pics!

Here’s some progress pics for me so far:



Oh WOW!!! Your scarf looks awesome!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Way to go!!! :thumbsup:

I’m currently ripping my progress and waiting for my circulars to come in. I hope my scarf turns out so beautfifully!

Mine is done! Well, except for the tassels, hopefully they’ll go on tonight. :wink:


Dude!! That totally rawks!! :wink:


Didn’t I see that one pic on LJ???

:slight_smile: Nice to meet you!

Woo hoo. Going to my LYS tomorrow. I hope they have HP colors. :mrgreen:

ooh! What house scarf will you be making?

I bought my yarn on Friday. :cheering: :cheering:

Finished another project on Sat. Now I have to decide, scarf or clogs. If only there way a way to do both at the same time.

Gave in and started on the scarf. :smiley:

I don’t know how I missed your question. I will be knitting a Gryffindor scarf. :smiley:

After a YEAR of planning to make this scarf and being unable to get Utopia color 77, I gave in and will use an Encore color that matches as closely as possible. So I just have to wait for that to show up. Stupid Reynolds Company! :mad:

But then I will be happy to have this scarf done.

alright! Way to go! I can’t wait to see how everyone’s scarves turn out! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: I haven’t taken another picture yet, but I now have 4 color changes left! I’m onto my 8th Gold bar. For those who need color recommendations, I used a different “red” than recommended at atypically. I used Plymouth Encore… #1014 - Butternut, and #9601 - Quiet Red. The recommended Burnt Sienna seemed a bit too purpley for my tastes. I was a little worried about the Butternut color, but it works just fine!
I have to keep reminding myself I only have a little bit more to go, because I’m kinda getting bored of working on the same thing. :XX:
Can’t wait to see everyone elses (so far)!