Hobby Lobby: Sales and Bamboo yarn

HL has their knitting notions at 40% off.

They also have (at least in the one here in SD) Bamboo Yarn.
Hadn’t seen it before, so it must be a new addition. It’s called “Bamboo Spun”. It’s a worsted weight mix of 77% bamboo and 23% polyamide.
3 oz and 148 yards a skein. 5 mm needle recommended.
It’s very soft and light.
This is their Ravelry description http://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/hobby-lobby-stores-bamboospun

Sells for $4.99 a skein.
The ballband has hobbylobby.com on it, so it must be a store brand.

It is theirs and it’s also brand new. My store has some, and there’s also space next to it for the Caron Spa bamboo yarn, so looks like they’re getting some nice yarns in.

looks like chenille… :waving:

It’ll be nice to see a wider variety of yarns at HL.

…but why did they have to do it when I’m about the leave the US? O_O

Which looks like chenille? The Spa yarn?

I hear nice things about hobby lobby shame we dont have one here.