Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton Yarn

Can anyone who has used the Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton Yarn tell me if it shrinks when washed, and about how much? I’m planning to make a baby blanket with it, but am wondering how much shrinkage I should account for.

Thanks in advance!


I’ve washed my things in both hot and cold water and have yet to experience any noticeable shrinkage. That is not to say that it will not shrink, just that in my experience, I’ve not had it happen. I do notice that for whatever reason my pieces with that yarn do seem to have a weird effect along my BO edge. Only along my BO if I don’t BO EXTREMELY loosely, I have it tighten and the piece with sag there pulling my pieces out of square. Blocking does NOT seem to help this issue. Otherwise, I find this yarn to be a dream.

Thank you! That’s very helpful to know. I appreciate your taking the time to reply. :slight_smile:

With most cottons, if you always leave them in the dryer beyond where they’re dry, they may shrink over time. I usually take them out while a tiny bit damp or just dry and they don’t shrink a bit.

You’re quite welcome, Chicka, it was no problem at all. Believe me I know how you feel, cause for a long time I was making my cotton household pieces 30% bigger than I actually wanted them to allow for shrinkage… that never happened. So some of my hotpads are HUGE. (Think a 12inch or 15 inch double thick square instead of 9-10 inches.)


Newbie chiming in here. I have knitted and washed several washcloths from I Love This Cotton. No appreciable shrink, and very little fading. It’s my favorite cotton yarn! I’m knitting a baby sweater with it now…

Hope this is of some help in addition to the input of the others.

Happy knitting!

i have used both i love this cotton and i love this yarn…and i have to say…i really do love both!!! soooo soft and they wash up wonderfully!!!

happy knitting!