Hobby Lobby Help

Does anyone know if Hobby Lobby sells merino wool? i’ll b stopping by tommorrow and i’d like to pick some up.

I don’t think so. The best stuff they sell is Lion Brand yarns. I don’t think Lion has a merino yet. :thinking: They have a lot of various red heart stuff…caron…LOTS of fun fur…etc.

This week they have their Sugar & Cream, Coats Super Saver, Yarn Bee, and Lion Homespun on sale (you can see that on their website) They also have all of their needlework totes on sale.

(As well as the 40% off coupon that they have pretty regularly that is only available on the website.)

I think some Hobby Lobbys sell Patons Marino wool. If they don’t I know Joanns does.

what is “marino” is it like faux merino or something?

Nope, no merino there. Lion Wool and wool ease, some of the Yarn Bee is wool, but it’s pretty rough. Caron’s Felt It wool is pretty, but definitely for felting, not for making something wearable.


what is “marino” is it like faux merino or something?[/quote]

I’m sorry. It’s merino. :doh: I just misspelled it. You might be able to find it at Micheals, or Joanns.

My HL only has a few Paton’s yarns, mostly fuzzy, furry or glitzy. No Classic merino or SWS - the good yarns. Not even Candiana, Rumour or Shetland Chunky.


My Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry Patons Classic Merino Wool, but my Joann’s carries a small selection, and Michael’s has the biggest selection of Patons Classic Merino wool.

I’ve never seen any Yarn Bee in wool. Can you tell me the category name they use for it? If they don’t have it in the stores, I’d like to look into ordering some.

Look at their catalog site, along the left side for yarn names - http://www.craftsetc.com/Store/ShowCategory.aspx?d=20&c=62&s=-1

They also sell these yarns in their stores, though I was sure there were more than two yarns containing wool, the Artistry and Mosaic Twist.


Alas, Yarn Bee only contains wool in 2 of its yarns, neither of which are 100% wool (I think the highest percentage was ~30%). I wish they would make an inexpensive 100% wool for those of us who don’t enjoy knitting with novelty yarns!

I bought some Lion Wool, Wool Ease, Yarn Bree Soft Sensations (its really soft and it was only $0.50!), and a little bit of Red Heart :hiding:

I don’t go to HL much anymore but if your HL carries Lion Brand–maybe they’ve gotten in the new Lion Brand 100% wool…it’s not as cheap as Patons and I haven’t tried it myself but it’s the only thing I can think of.

It doesn’t get better than Patons if you want something affordable! I don’t know what your time constraints are but if you have the time–check out JoAnns for some Patons and get a coupon from www.currentcodes.com–I think you can get a 50% or 40% off coupon on there…

They have a custmer feedback form. Let’s all go over there and request some 100% wool! :smiley:

They keep adding new “flavors”; I’ll bet it’s just a matter of time before they catch up. They seem to be aware of the interest in felting, because they are carrying more felting yarns, needle felting kits and pattern books.

Oooh, I’m going to request some Paton’s yarn, like Classic Wool and SWS. No one around here has them - no Joann’s or Michael’s.