Hmm. . . would a sweater like this kill a beginner like me?

Okay I know stockinette, I can purl and knit stitch just fine. So I’m beginning to think a sweater might be a nice attempt at breaking free of scarves. . . I’m getting disgustingly sick of making them even though here in washington, they’re very functional to make.

I want a challenge though you know?

So I was thinking, would making a sweater similar to the one I drew below be totally killer? And if not. . . someone got any patterns similar to it in their sleeves?

(I would like to state that I did not draw the HUMAN, just the hair and clothes. I wish I could draw humans that wel proportioned lol)

That’s a human?!

No, I don’t think a sweater like that would kill you. It looks pretty standard. I don’t have a pattern for one off the top of my head, though.

I think there was a similar pattern in a book called Yarn Play. I got the book at the library so I don’t have it any more. Acutally, I thought the whole book was pretty nice.


Yarn Play eh? I’ll make a note of that next time I’m at an LYS or Barnes and Nobles.

(and actually no, I think it’s an alien disguised as a human lol :roflhard:)

I happen to have Yarn Play, actually. Let me look through it to see if a sweater like the one you want is in there . . .

the closest i can find is this sweater:

Would it kill you? I’ve never heard of anyone actually dying from picking a sweater that’s too hard. Go for it. . . what have you got to lose?

There’s also this one…you could modify the neckline a bit if you wanted.

Ha I don’t really know to be honest. Breaking out of scarves feels like moving away for college, which I havent done yet since I’m 16 XD. But still. . . it seems like a HUGE step or something. I dunno lol. :rofl: :oops:

how about this cowl-neck sweater?

Or the hourglass and change the neck to a cowl? It’s in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Or Cowl and howl or whatever it’s called, from Stitch N Bitch.

And no, I don’t think it’d kill you either, but I understand your trepidation. :teehee:

That sweater looks pretty easy, really, and I’ve only been knitting for a year now. I have donetwo sweaters and they were both pretty easy. Go for it! You can do it!!