Hmm, should I choose bamboo or aluminum for my next set?

I want to do 2 afghans by Christmas and will probably get size 10s or 13s and SS (either 1 strand or 2).

So, I came up as bamboo in the quiz and it sounds true for me and now I’m wondering if it’s a sign I should try bamboo needles. I am doing my 1st project (a ribbed scarf) in size 8 aluminum and love them. They slide so nicely. I don’t think I’ll like plastic. Should I stick with aluminum or do bamboo?

edited to add: is the bamboo treated or, like all wood, can it hold bacteria?

i think as long as you aren’t planning on cutting raw meat with them you should be okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

there is a pretty significant difference between bamboo and aluminum. If you are loving aluminum and how they slide i wouldn’t make the switch. bamboo is great for slippery yarns that can fall off the needles easily because it grips better. I do like the bamboo but i almost never use them anymore because they do slow me down and i reeeeeeeally don’t need help with that…lol

Ok, that’s all I needed to hear as I don’t need help slowing down either! LOL! Thanks so much and I shall stick with aluminum! :slight_smile:

i think as long as you aren’t planning on cutting raw meat with them you should be okay. Razz

Love that Razz :roflhard: :roflhard:

I personally dont like bamboo but dont go by me because I am newish to knitting. I just like the metal ones quicker and slide more easily. I found bamboo slow and difficult. But hey there are people on here with much more experiance than me.

Good Luck in your choice.
:hug: Sharon

Bamboo is pretty grabby. That’s why I like bamboo for DPN’s. The yarn stays on the needles that I’m not using.

I agree that yarn doesn’t slide as readily on bamboo as on aluminum, but that can be an advantage. I tried teaching my 6 year old grand-daughter to knit, using large aluminum needles, as advised. FRUSTRATION! The next time we tried bamboo in a size 5 or 6, and it made all the difference in the world. the smaller size was much easier for her to hold, contrary to all the advice I had received, and the bamboo held the yarn enough that it didn’t slide off at the wrong time.

Actually that is a great idea. My neices want to learn to knit. I think thats what I will do get the bamboo it makes sense.
Thanks so much for that suggestion. Probably saved lots of tears :cheering:

:hug: Sharon

I must be weird because I don’t notice much of a difference in speed between the different needles. Of course, that could just be since I knit with my Denise’s 95% of the time! I definitely DON’T like metal needles for socks though…way too slippery…stitches fall off too easily :!!!:

I like both, but I like the fact that my stitches don’t slide off as easily with bamboo. Since I imagine, compared to more experienced knitters I’m pretty slow, the speed isn’t an issue.

I’ve never tried bamboo but my first set of needles I got were cheap plastic ones going for $1 in the clearance bin, when I got some aluminium ones I fell in love lol, then I discovered frustration when last week I went to get a set of 5.5mm ones and picked up what I thought were aluminium (the ones I get are coated so don’t look like metal) and got home to discover they are plastic, my right index finger is so sore now from putting it against the tip of the needle while I push the stitches with my left hand :roflhard:

Note to self: always read label 5 times