Hiyahiya interchangeable needle set

I did a search to see if anyone has started a thread about these, but I couldn’t find anything. I’ve been shopping around for a set of interchangeables, and these seem like the ones for me.

I have been following the threads in the Hiyahiya Ravelry group, where it was mentioned that Hiyahiya had a booth at TNNA back in January. Did anyone attend? Did anyone go to the Hiyahiya booth and try them out?

I’m curious to know how well they work. Their steel interchangeable set won’t be available until April 2009. I really like the fact that they will have sizes from US 2-US 15, and their cables include 16", 24", 32" and 40". I know that there aren’t any other sets that include a US 2 tip and 16" cable.

Anyone with additional insight would be greatly appreciated. I have used their fixed needles, and have been quite pleased.

How intriguing – I’ve never even heard of them before! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know they were coming out with a set…I have some of their needles and really liked them. I have used their circs before and dpns…I also like that they would have a size 2 and a 16" circ…although now I’ve bought what I use through KP…hrmmm :think:

Thanks for posting the info :yay:

What are they like to knit on? Fast, medium, slow? Pointy, sharp or blunt or in the middle? Do they compare in feel with any of the competitors, and how?

I’ve been wanting to try their dpns but I haven’t had a chance to go to the lys that sells them.

I feel the hiyahiyas are comparable to addi turbos. They are both lightweight and have smooth connections, similar point tips and pliable cords. But the hiyahiyas are half the price.

I snagged 4 sets of HiyaHiya circs at my LYS last week…they are the darlingest things!

They are 9" circs in US sizes 5, 6, 7, & 8!

They are available in smaller needle sizes in 9-inchers…but I don’t usually knit with 0-4’s.

Wheeee! The cables have a nice pliablity…and the tips are shorties so that [U]the reach-around[/U] to knit [U]in-the-round[/U] isn’t impossible or a PITA.

I love them! I’ve heard some sock knitters say they can begin and end a sock from toe to cuff on the same 9" HiyaHiya circ!
They think that is a real PLUS.

I wouldn’t know. I am outside the sock world, looking in! :wink:
Yeah…with my nose pressed against the glass, getting up the courage to walk in! :teehee:

I bought my little itty bitty HiyaHiya 9" circs for the final rows of hats! TeeHee! Anything to avoid dpn’s!

Well now, Cat Bordhi’s YOUTUBE video for knitting in the round on 2 circs has given me more backup plans for small in-the-round knitting!

I think HiyaHiya’s are a good investment, one that won’t be regretted.

They sound really interesting! I’ll have to try a circ (when I start socks, maybe!) when I find them, I’m sure, but while I’m traveling, I need another set of needles like I need a hole in my head… :wink:

They do sound interesting. I am going to have to look into them for sure. I really like the idea of the 9" cable. I can never find 9" circs.

I went to their website and they said there are gonna be two sets

first one has size 2-8 needles and the second one has size 9-15

i hope it’s not too expensive… i’m gonna put off buying any needles until HiyaHiya interchangeables come out!