Hiya Hiya needles

Just wanted to share my recent experience with Hiya Hiya needles.

I wish I’d never bought them. I love that they turn at the join so they don’t get all twisted up as you knit; however, because they don’t have way to tighten them like my knitpick nickel plated (just ordered the harmony needles for mother’s day for myself) needles do I’ve had them come unscrewed with every single project I’ve used them for.

The customer service also isn’t as good as knipicks. The long cables broke on the very first project I used the Hiya’s Hiya’s for and the company refused to replace it unless I sent it back first. Not a big deal really except when I had the same thing happen with my knitpicks cable they replaced it no questions asked. I also once had a defective needle sent to me (the part where it screws in to the cable didn’t exist ie there was no hole to screw the cable into) and it was also replaced no questions asked. Just a small thing that will keep me using knitpicks and not recommending Hiya Hiya.

I’ve never even heard of Hiya Hiya needles.

I have the KP options, and some of my cables have popped out of the silver eands (from when I used to knit too tightly). Would they replace them after three months, do you think?

I have the interchangable set of HH. I had problems from the manufacturer with the 16 and 24" cables coming unscrewed. I sent them back to the store where I purchased them and waited for 2 weeks to get the new ones. The 24" is okay. The 16 inch continues to come unscrewed. I’m not pleased with them at all.

Knitpicks, on the other hand, has the best customer service on the planet, IMHO.

I share your frustration.

I’m willing to bet they would. E-mail 'em and ask. That’s all I’ve ever done and they always immediately sent replacements.

I sent the broken Hiya Hiya cables back months ago and still have not had them replaced. Considering how much those stupid needles cost you’d think they’d be a bit more responsive. They took forever to ship the needles when I first ordered them too. Should have been my first clue.

On the other hand I ordered the harmony needles last week and they arrived today. Gorgeous, gorgeous set a bit less slick than the nickel plated ones which is nice when you’re working with slippery yarn. One of my many ongoing projects is a kimono I’m knitting for myself (first time I’ve made something that wasn’t for a friend/relative/charity) out of a partially silk yarn. It works up very fast on the nickel needles, but they’re a bit too slick. Too many frogged rows put the project on hold. I can’t wait to try it again with the harmony’s.

Hi! :waving:

Knit Picks has, hands down, the BEST customer service of any company I’ve ever seen. When I bought my nickel plated set I bought the extra cables in 40", 47" and 60". It was nearly a year later when I had some difficulty with some of the longer cables and one of the shorter ones.

I called Knit Picks and within a few days had new cables in my hands. They are wonderful and I’d go to them first for anything I wanted to buy. I’ve also used quite a few of their yarns, always with great success, especially the Gloss for socks! Just fabulous.

Happy knittng,
Ruthie :knitting:

Yes. :thumbsup: It’s always best to notify them right away if you can though.

I’m so glad that I read this thread! I have been debating ordering the Hiya Hiya interchangeables because I love their circulars. I already have the KP options, harmonies and the new acrylic interchangeable sets, so I needed another set like a hole in the head! Guess that I’ll keep my money.

Well, my harmonies had a defective needle (wouldn’t tighten on the cord just kept turning and turning) and it’s already been replaced! They insisted on replacing the defective cord I have as well, without it being returned, but I had already sent it back so I don’t know what size it was.

I worked in customer service for 15 years or so (till we started a family, I’ve been an at home Mom for 13 years now) so when I come across people that know how important it is I really, really appreciate it. Especially in a world that seems to have forgotten what good customer service really is. Think I’m going to send them a very appreciative e-mail. :yay:

The thing I find worrisome is that people need to call KP so often about defective/whack product…umm…are their products cheap/break easily etc?

I’m getting my KP options in a week and a half, and I worry…

Remember that people who have problems complain the loudest. People who aren’t having problems are quiet and happily knitting. Just because you see a lot of posts about it doesn’t mean they are a major problem. I have had a few issues in the two years I’ve had them, but they were replaced promptly no questions asked. Can’t beat that.

As an aside I know several people who have bought the uber expensive signature circulars and DO have major quality control issues. Nothing is perfect regardless of cost. Enjoy your needles. :thumbsup:

To tighten the Hiya Hiya I use one of the jar lid tightener pads. Part on the needle and part on the cable. So far I have not had any problems so far and like the ability to get needle that are 4 inches (10 CM). I knit socks and dislike the longer needles of the other interchangeable.

You may want to stop by Raverly and check into the Hiya Hiya forum. And I know that the people at Hiya Hiya read it. It would be good for them to hear from there customers.

I already posted there and I’ve had previous correspondence with the rep. That said, I’m still having issues with the replacements also coming undone. I’m really not satisfied with their claim that the needles stay connected.

I have the Addi Clicks and have never had any issues at all.
None of my Addi’s have ever given my any issues.

I sure wish the KP’s came with a smaller cord. I’m making a cute little hat for my niece and just couldn’t keep going on my circs without going down a size on the cord. My Denise circs do have really, really small cords, but they’re also the thickest of all the sets I own. So, out came the Hiya Hiya’s. The smallest cord I have is 16" and it’s even thinner than my KP’s. More importantly I FINALLY GOT THEM TO QUIT COMING UNDONE. :cheering: I used every method I ever came across to tighten them and they still came apart. As I was washing vegetables in the sink this morning I decided to try the thick rubber band that comes on broccoli. I wrapped it around the needle and the join and turned quite hard. I’ve now been knitting for an hour and they haven’t come undone. Normally they’ve been coming apart almost constantly. I still don’t like how short the needles are (about 3"), but they’re perfect for doing small rounds. I’ll use them for the flowers I’m going to knit for the cap as well as the attached I-cord above and below the lace panel I put just above the rim. Wish I could find an easy horizontal cable, but I’m not very good at cabling and didn’t find one anyway.

I’ve had my KP’s come apart once. I own options and the harmony set. I will never, ever own Addi’s because (in my opinion) they are waay over priced. I’ll just keep sending suggestions to the KP people to make smaller cords.

Now hopefully I can figure out why my digital camera isn’t working so I can post pictures of the hat I’m working on as well as the brioche baby afghan I’m almost done with. Yes, I finally got it figured out. I’m just a bit burned out on it at the moment and needed a quick fix. The hat is almost done (except for the finishing touches) and has taken less than 24 hours to do. My own pattern too. :woohoo: