Hiya Hiya Knitting Needle Set Under $40


Hope I can share this here. I just bought a set of Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Knitting Needle, 5", Large, Steel (Not Sharps) on Amazon for just $39.22 with free shipping.

I think this is a great deal? so I want to tell knitters about it. I can’t post the link, but it’s the HiyaHiya Interchangeable 5-inch (13cm) Steel Knitting Needle Set; Large Tip Sizes (US 9-15) HISTINKIT5LG
in purple case.

Right now, they show that only 4 sets are left. Enjoy!

So I just got my Hiya Hiya needle set, two days after ordering them on Amazon! This is my first set of Hiya Hiya and I have to say they are better than my Knitpicks and Knitter’s Pride.

I love that the cables swivel. Even better, the vendor sent me the cables with the holes for lifeline! Such a deal, but what will I do with all the other interchangeables I just bought??? I know, nice problem to have…

Let us know how the needles do as you work different projects. Knitters frequently ask for opinions on interchangeables. Enjoy using your new needles.

Thank you for this I just ordered a set. I am knitting a shawl using US15 needles with a 4 inch tip and wishing I had 5" tips.

I am glad you posted the item number because just doing a search in the ordinary way brought me the set at $54.59. When I did the search using the product number I got it for $39.22. :yay:

Price just jumped to $50.xx which is still less than the $80 that others are charging.

Hooray, Auntelly! Woohoo! I know these needle sets can be so expensive. I just had to tell knitters about this. That deal was hard to find, huh? Even after purchasing the set, I had trouble just finding it under a regular Amazon search. So glad you got a set before the price jump.

BTW, the set comes with only one 26" cable–boo. Instead of 2 26" cables, I got 1 26" and 1 18". What in the world would the 18" be used for? It’s sooooo short!

When added to the two 5: tips it will make a 28" needle. But the 18" can be added to the 26" to make a nice long extended cable.