Hip Hip Horray Post your Knitting Hero here!

This goes out to all those in this forum that spend the time helping with patterns, problem solving, leanding hands and just a shoulder.

I just joined in November of 2006 and I am sooooooooo grateful to all that have helped with my projects.

A special thanks to KNITQUEEN and Jan In Ca

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :cheering: :cheering:


Ingrid and suzeeq seem to always help me out when I need it. They’re awesome. :cheering: And my newest knitty hero is Silver because I now know how to make a sock. :happydance:

Ingy, Jan in Ca, Knitqueen, AMY for always answering my posts ( at least once) and being so POSITIVE and encouraging that I could do it.~~

AND a special HUG to Fluffypechey who despite illness chooses to stay positve and creative and not let their illness or pain keep her down~~

( and the many others like her who CHOOSE to enjoy theri lives~~ I have such a soft spot for Fluffypechey because she did Feline Rescue~ just like the lady from FURR (Feline Recue and Rehome) where I live ~~
everytime I look down at my carpet I see my pretty kitty babies that give my such :heart: :heart: b/c someone like her or Fluffypechey~~ rescued her~!!

I have imposed upon [size=6][color=violet]Ingrid[/color][/size] and [size=6][color=blue]Silver[/color][/size]so often it’s shameful. :woohoo: Both are always kind and gracious … and they always have a solution to my disasters. :woot:

THANK YOU!!! :hug: :hug: :cheering:

Lando, permanently assigned to Remedial Knitting

I have many :rofl: brendajos for talking about knitting… Amy for creating this site that taught me… and all the KHer that help with any problem or any question you have… :happydance:

:wall: When you feel like this…

Who makes you feel like this … :cheering: :happydance:

Come on I know there are more thank you;s out there.
Be Proud Scream it loud, :woot:

I also think of KathyinCali who was discouraged a few days ago about using DPNs and now has decided she WILL learn how to do it~
Nadja de Claire… who depsite having a HEAVY load comes here as her refugee ( as many of us do~) :cheering: :cheering: :happydance:
:cheering: :cheering:

I got inspired all the time by ALL the knitters who can’t but want to try and after reading posts on this website begin to say… I think i can, I think I can… I know I can … I know I can… I DID IT~!!
and then they are posting their FO all over the board~!! :roflhard: :roflhard:
that is what truly inspires me and has what it take to make a HERO~~
in my opinion~!!