Hillllll-deeeee! Hilde? Oh, Hiiiiiilllllldddeeeeee!

OK, I know you don’t have a THING to do what with school starting in a month, and your thesis, and all those knitting projects lined up, but …

… what are we doing for August?

I haven’t done any of the KALs yet, but now I want to do one. Got any ideas yet?

Thank you, Julie…here we go thinking the same thing again…I’ve not done a KAL, either. AND…even tho I am a very monogamous knitter, I may consider having 2 things on the needles for a KAL. So, I must know what Aug KAL is, I will check back :wink:

I took a few minutes to see if I could find some ideas on the Internet, but when I ran across this, I quit looking. :shock:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: LOL, that is TOO funny!

Patience Ladies… the challenge is coming tomorrow!!! It’s a really good one :slight_smile:

yes patience! Don’t you know she will not post the KAL until the 1st of the month!

That is one nasty sweater!! :shock:

I’m going to tell my favourite bloggers about it and maybe they’ll post in on their blog.


Check it out if you want a good laugh! :roflhard: :roflhard:

The really scary thing is that I have seen this sweater over and over. Lots of yarn shops have been offering classes for it. I’m still puzzled, but I guess the world is a better place because we all have different tastes. Right? :??

There are foods that taste really bad, too. :rofling:

You’re right, Ingrid. I’ve yet to meet anyone who likes okra, but I know there are people out there. And I never will understand pickled herring, but still, my MIL serves it every Christmas eve, and every Christmas Eve my husband eats it. yick. :stuck_out_tongue:

uhm… confused…

:?? what’s this about a sweater, and why is it in this random post from July???

Look @ this post, Hild … ILikeSoup just revived this thread. Nuttin’ important, though, just ugly knitting.

oh!!! :doh:

I knew that. really.