Hildie and Kelly's Jiggly Jaunt through Geneva

Picture the scene…a BEAUTIFUL day…mid 70’s. Geneva, Illinois, a quaint little town smack in between Hilde and KellyK, an hour away from both of us.

Hilde: First, KK scares the bugs outta me by sneaking up on my at the yarn store… and giving me a bear hug! Yay! we finally meet!

KK: I didnt know you had bugs IN you…I would have been more careful!

Hilde: Then we decide we’re starving so we abandon the YS :shock: gasp and go have lunch… mmmm popperssssss

KK: I thought these were finger foods…Hildie got all FANCY & ate them with a fork and knife…I started getting a complex & had to do the same thing. :oops:

Hilde: Next, our lunches… look the reuben and BLT are friends too! We even ordered the same drink!

KK: That was one GOOD sandwich! I enjoyed our conversation about the pros and cons of various condiments!

next… shopping!

Hilde: I don’t remember why KK was mad in that pic…

KK: I think you asked me how I thought our “date” was going.

Hilde: In pic 2, the hats are made out of recycled silk.

KK: They looked HUGE on the shelf…when we put them on, we then realized our heads are equally HUGE!

Hilde: Pic three, in a “party store”…This guy looks like a real sugar daddy… just call me anna nicole…

KK: You’d need a different hair color & alot less BRAINS, Hildie dear!

Hildie: next…ATM and wine tasting

KK: We should’ve taken pics of us at Galena Cellars, or at LEAST of the wine guy…CUTE!

Hildie: We held up the line at the ATM to take a couple of pics in the car. Don’t we look gawgeous! :rollseyes: These didn’t turn out like we thought it should…

KK: What’s with me and looking UP for pics? Why do I think models DO that??? :??

Hildie: KK snapped the third pic when i wasn’t looking… check out the galena wine, ooo yay baby!

KK: Hee hee…I took a pic of Hildie’s BUTT. :shifty:

Hildie: Butterfly pictures outside the nail salon

KK: I am glad there werent modeling agents walking by when we took these…we would have been immediately whisked off to NYC with lifelong contracts, and we’d never have time to return to KH again!! That would have been SAD!!

Hildie: pedicure + knitting = kniticure

KK: My favorite things, knitting and foot rubs, all rolled into one! The PERFECT day!!! :cheering:

Hildie: almost done…

KK: Look at Hildie’s face…she was UNknitting her work…with concentration like Ive NEVER seen before! She was IN THE ZONE! I only wish that your pedi-chick would have given you cute toe separators like I had…I think you were right…I DID get the “good one”

OH! The girl that was doing my pedi…she was SO impressed that we had met online and become friends! She thought one only went online to “meet guys”. :?? She said Hildie and I are like SOULMATES. :lol: And, she said we look like sisters. She invited us to come back monthly…

Hildie: She also amended the soul mates comment to be “soul mates in a non-lesbian way” Which we thought was interesting…

KK: For the Seinfeld fans…“NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!” :rofling:

Matching toes!

KK: Next time I will re-think those cute toe separators…they left weird indentations on me!

Hildie: KK’s butt.

KK: DAMMIT. :mad: Paybacks are a B**ch!

Hildie: Hmm… I don’t think she was paid back QUITE enough… there was no squat involved in THIS pic.

My butt is larger, so I’m posting KK’s butt twice. ha! :happydance:

KK: HEY!!! :mad:

KK: Hilde was TOO SCARED (bock! bock!) to get up on this cannon in front of the court building, but we felt that ONE of us must be compelled to straddle it! I was BRAVE!!! :mrgreen:

Hildie: Hey, that was a long way up there! Besides, I don’t just straddle everything I come across, like SOME people we know :rollseyes:

KK: And, Hildie didnt think we’d ever find ANYTHING to rival her blessed endowment! :wink:

Hildie: Who knew it would be in front of the courthouse!

KK: I had brought a blanket to sit in a park & knit. BUT, we couldnt find a park ANYWHERE. Can you believe it??? SO…we compromised & found STARBUCKS. Outside tables…nice day.
Hildie had a Venti Iced Chai (gawd forbid you utter the word LARGE in Starbucks!) and I ordered a fancy Venti mocha frappacino. Only, this chick must have put 5 helpings of mocha in there!!! I tried calming it down by attempting to stir the whipped cream into it…that was HARD! I brought it inside to ask them to just add some milk, and they insisted on making me a new one!

Hildie: By the time we got to starbucks, it was after 5:00. KK had the forethought to use the facilities whilst we were getting our pedicures (well, technically right before them, not WHILE), but for some reason I didn’t… so inbetween pedicures and starbucks almost 2 and a half hours went by, and i STILL didn’t go! I was making a beeline for the potty in starbucks, when a mom and her snotty obnoxious kids practically ran me down to get there first… as I was waiting KK came in, and someone ELSE got in front of me :mad: I was in a much better mood after my turn finally came…

KK: Whilst sipping our beverages, I made some AWESOME progress on my Silver Sock! My gusset was looking very gussetey, then I tried it on…I would have had to have POPEYE FEET!!! Well, everyone has TOLD me that one’s first sock NEVER fits right…you have to find the right pattern for YOU.

Hildie’s yarn fuzz was a big HAM and had to get into the picture, too… :rollseyes:

KK: And now…the SAD SAD Saga of Hildie’s tank top…Ill let her tell you…snif I…I just CANT. :crying:

Hildie: sigh So, as perviously mentioned, I was knitting my tank from FCEK… Remember the concentration I was putting in on UNknitting, back during the pedicure? So after unknitting about a row and a half (so, about 300 stitches total), I REknit them, and I was making great progress… UNTIL I noticed it was looking funky :help: So I spent about 20 minutes studying my 6 rows ofribbing, and lo and behold, my stitches were twisted when I joined :verysad: Soooooo, I ripped it off the needles, and started to frog :frog: And, naturally, I ended up with a big tangled MESS of yarn :doh: so I spent our knitting day UNknitting and then untying knots :wall:

and KK didn’t help at all… she just took pictures of my patheticness, and gloated about how much better she is than I am.

KK: OMG THAT IS SOOO NOT TRUE! I gave you a BIG hug, and kept checkin in with ya…“How ya doin over there, friend??” Do you REMEMBER any of THAT?? You big FORGETTER!! :expressionless:

Hildie: Okay, I was wrong… KK did offer support and love during my crisis… I was just projecting my frustrations. (she WAS smiling when she tookthe pictures though!)

KK: After sitting at Starbucks for more than 2 HOURS, we finally decided that our hubbys might miss us…we headed back to our cars. :frowning: BUT we stopped on the way to take a pic of the YS at which our destinies met, and found a VERY cool undies-store with a COOL window!

Hildie: The blue yarn was in the window of Wool and Company… you’d think that we’d have spent most of our time in there, but we didn’t! ANNNND I achieved a personl record for least amount of money spent at a yarn store: only 6 bucks (I bought felting needles, yay!)

KK; I stopped at Hildie’s car to get my HUGE GIGANTIC HEAD-SIZED snickerdoodle (YUM!), purchased earlier & meant to be shared in the park that we never found, and then we said goodbye. :waving:

Hildie: KK did share her cookie with me though… she shoved a gigantic crumbly piece in my mouth, hence the crumbly lips in these pics. Thanks, KK.

KK: You looked PREEEETY with crumbly lips!! :mrgreen:

KK: OMG…we TOTALLY forgot to mention the British Barker we met on the way to Galena Cellars!

This guy in a suit was standing out in front of a building of stores (not exactly a mall…) and ENTICING people to come in…saying, “There’s 10 SHAWPS in heyah!” We were SO thirsty, so we asked if one of them was a juice bar…

He says, “Theyah is no jooooce baaaah, but theyah IS a wauuuutah FOWWWNTAIN” :roflhard: I SWEAR…it was all DRAWN OUT like that! We couldnt find the wautah fowntain. We left & luckily found WINE!!! :happydance:

In closing…


  1. Hildie is TERRIFIED to cross the street! I offered to hold her hand…

  2. We like to make fun of people. (Well, okay…just the british guy and the uber-happy waitress at lunch) :oops:

  3. Hildie doesnt like “chihuahua people” And, Geneva has, like 3 doggy stores (well, one I would have actually called a kitty store…). One store was a Paris Hilton type store…Hildie was VERY HAPPY to leave. I thought it was funny.

  4. Hildie tells EVERY animal that she meets that she WUVS THEM. She’s very sweet that way. :inlove:

  5. We are SO much alike…its strange to meet someone with whom you feel INSTANTLY comfortable. Even silence is okay. Maybe we WERE sisters…or soulmates…or lesbians…in another life!

:heart: I WUV YOU HILDIE!!! :heart:

It was a FUN FUN FUN day! I did attempt to take a picture of KK while driving away, but it ended up being of the people walking in front of her…

Stuff I learned at KK:

  1. KK has unmatched knowledge of condiments, however, A-1 steak sauce is NOT good on french fries.

  2. KK is obsessed with anything tiny… dogs, toys, clothes, and about 3 steps away from being one of those people who purposefully outfits their dogs to match their clothing, and carries their dog around in a miniature purse so people have to choice but to say “Oh what knid of dog is that? How much does he weigh? How old is he?” :rollseyes:

  3. KK is a totally free spirit, not able to care LESS about what other people think of her or what she’s doing

  4. KK is not quite as catty as me, but she IS willing to work on this necessary girlfriend skill… and she was totally UNcatty when I explainedmy self-tanner mishap (thanks KK!)

  5. We both REALLY like snickerdoodles, and like to pretend that we know how models do their crazy poses… and KK likes me enough to share cookes and looking silly with me, which is even better! :happydance:

:inlove: I WUV KK! (and mostpuppies and kitties) :inlove:

And, in my defense, I am not afraid to cross the street, I am just extra cautious!

In MY defense…

I really thought you LIKED the A-1 on fries! :verysad: I just wanted to SHARE. Well, that shows how SCHWEET you are for not telling me Im a FREAK. :inlove:

I thought I WAS being catty…when I said Id work on it…I meant the opposite! :oops:

I do not like small clothes…they piss me off. :mad:

Ill share my snickerdoodles with you (in a non-lesbian way) ANYTIME, Hildegard!

okay guys… that was cute! I’m sad that I live all the way in Florida now… cause I like snickerdoodles too!

Actually, sounds like y’all had a blast… I’m jealous :crying:

[color=blue] :cheering: :cheering: OMG… that was wonderful… thank you both so much for sharing… your wonderful day with all of us. A great way to start my day at work. Plan to leave it up so I can revisit it when I need a giggle! [/color] :sunny: