Higher Love Hats

I have started making Higher Love hats by Yaya Loves to Knit. They are awesome and I am turning making these into my ministry- for women going through cancer or alopecia. Anyway, I am looking for some hat/toque patterns that have 88 stitches (so I can make a variation of the hats- 88 is the number of stitches used in her pattern to create the holes- which I could just use in that section)

That’s a wonderful idea and a lovely hat. It seems to me that you could adapt various hat patterns to this format. As you suggest you might work the eyelet band for the scarf and then increase or decrease a stitch or two to fit the main body pattern of a greater range of patterns.
I like the Bankhead hat for example which cast on 90sts for an adult hat.

There’s also these:

https://www.plymouthyarnmagazine.com/2010/01/29/royal-llama-silk-hat/ This one actually casts on 88sts!

I wonder if looking through a stitchionary would also give you some ideas for stitch patterns that are appropriate multiples.

Just as a side note, the Knots of Love site and the Knitted Knockers site have lists of soft yarns that are good for chemo caps.