Hi new to forum

I was searching for knitting forums and came upon this one. I am newly retired and have been knitting for a very long time. I just got back into it after setting it aside for 20 years. Now I’m learning a lot of new things. I live in northeastern Wisconsin. I have adult kids and 3 grandsons.


Welcome to KH!
Sounds like a wonderful family. It’s grand to have you join us.

Welcome to Knitting Help!

Hi from the UK, welcome to KH :wave:

Hi knitpurl,

Welcome back to knitting and welcome to this forum. I hope you’re enjoying your retirement. I’m glad you found us. This appears to be one of the few active knitting forums around these days. I guess social media’s to blame for that.

Gillian (from Northern Ireland)

Welcome! What project are you working on now?

Hey @knitpurl,
I’m also new in this forum and I have same experience too…


Welcome ElizabethHernandez!
We’re delighted to have you join us. Hope to hear from you in the forum posts.