Hi new here....Anyone from Dayton Ohio area?

my name is vanessa i live in dayton ohio area. :lol: I am 26 years old been married 2 years this May…no kids and i have been a knitter and crocher now for 2 years. I Love to knit!!! Crocheting is for baby blankets and afghans. I knit hats, scarves, socks, all kinds of goodies, but have so much to learn. :XX: :frog: :x: :zzz: lol Those little faces there are so me! I think i do ok then mess up then i do ok then fall asleep lol. Anyways If there is anyone near me I would love to meet you…I have NO knitters near me, and i want to find someone to knit with at times. I am going to go work on my sock i am working on…hope to hear from someone.


Welcome Vanessa!

How close is Dayton to Chicago? :wink:

I would say 5 hours away??? maybe lol i am 3 hours fron Toledo…so I don’t no lol.


Can’t help you out…I’m in St. Louis now. But I just wanted to say I used to live in Toledo up until almost 2 years ago. I went to UT and had quite a few friends from Dayton.

Good luck on finding some nearby knitters. I don’t have any either…LOL.

You could hang out at your LYSs & look sad and forlorn… :frowning:

Julie’s KnitKnacks
1560 Hillside Drive
Dayton, OH 45432
+1 (937) 426 3580
Owner: Julie Esterlin

Yarn Basket
1994 Turnbull Rd.
Dayton, OH 45432
+1 (513) 259-6603

Knittique, Inc.

I have three that are closer to me, but i can not leave my house. My husband is the only one working right now and money is TIGHT real TIGHT…and i am looking for a job…maybe once i get on my feet i can hang out a my LYS lol.

     Vanessa :XX:

Welcome. I live in Michigan :frowning: If i lived closer i would like to knit with you :XX:

I go to my LYS alot. Most of them are willing to help, however, i don’t see anyone hanging around knitting other than the owner and her employees.

Often wondered if they would mind if knitters would be welcome to hang out :XX:

:wink: Thank You!!! I found a Gilde near me i am going to see if i can get 12.00 so i can join and meet once a month. I am the youngest there lol they are all 40 and over i like it though i learn A LOT!!! :thumbsup:


hey :wink: vanessa…knew u would :heart: it around here!!
welcome :cheering: :cheering:
have a :x: week

Hi Vanessa. I think I’m the closest so far. I live about 1 1/2 hours away in Bellefontaine, OH. :smiley:

:shock: Man with gas prices so high, me not working, and stuck at home because no money to go lol I guess I am stuck in my match box home llol hee hee :roflhard: Oh well was woth a shot!!! What are you all working on?? I am doing my FIRST socks from the ankle down … I do toe up all the time. So far it is kinda fun lol I am working on the heel today and i have to say i was affraid of the heel and toe…heel is ok…now the toe… i have no clue how to close the toe lol i have seen it on sites but i have to see it see it. :sunny: I will have to figure out how to show off my work here lol . I have a blog, photo album, and group i created…I have all kinds of goodies! Any who! Thank you thank you thank you for such a nice welcome. I came from the Kitter’s Review and TRUST ME i like it here more…YES rebecca I LOVE IT HERE lol By the way when i do CAPS it is because i am happy or excited.
Vanessa :x: :XY: :XX:

Well, there’s the “Whatcha Knittin” thread for things you have on the needles,

“Recently Finished Projects” so you can receive lots of “That’s Fabulouses” for the work you’ve completed

AND, finally,
You can start your own BLOG THREAD so we can get to know you better!

Have fun!

I am going to play around on here and see what i can do lol Thank you!!!