Hi...missing everyone

Thought I’d drop in to say hi and see how my old friends are doing…
Hope you all are doing well…miss you guys!!!

Thanks for checking in! How’s the fam?
Hope all is well!!!:heart::hug:


I’m fine. Family is good. Busy w/ grad school (again–last degree…only 2 more semesters!!) and work.

I feel like I have so little time for my love of knitting…I manage to knit but getting the time to hang around here is difficult.

Starting Christmas gifts–2 scarves, 2 pair of fingerless gloves and a few hats.

dd turns 5 next week and my big little guy is HUGE now and trying to walk at only 8 months old! Time flies!!!

XOXO Ingrid…I miss you most!!!



Hi Cristy. Glad you stopped by.:hug:

:waving:Hey Cristy good to see your face again! Can’t believe the baby is 8 months already! I remember you posting that you were pregnant, were does the time go?

Wow…that baby is 8 mos old! :passedout: So nice to hear from you!! :hug:

yep. 8 months already! :slight_smile: The time does fly!

Anyway–good to see everyone. Thanks for saying hi!