Hi, Im new to knitting and need a bit of help

So, I watched the video for cast on and ive got that down but what do i do next?

Im confused.

I usually pick things up really quick but this is kind of tricky.

Once you’ve cast on you knit or purl your first row if knitting flat, and if knitting in the round you join and then knit or purl your first round.

Welcome to KH and to knitting!

Watch the videos for the knit and purl stitches as they are a big help. Once you get those two stitches down you’re pretty well on your way.

After you’ve learned how to cast on, you’ll need to learn the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Practice the knit stitch until you get comfortable with it, then go on to the purl stitch. Actually, the knit and purl are the only two stitches for knitting, but it’s all the other things you do with them that make knitting so much fun. Welcome to the forum…you’ve found a great resource for all your questions.

ok, so i just continue on?
Should i fill up the needle with the cast on?

Gosh i feel like such a moron!

If you’re just going to practice the stitches, I wouldn’t “fill up” the needle…you’ll run the risk of your stitches falling off the tips. Maybe just cast on 25-30 stitches for now and practice, practice, practice. Amy has great videos on this site to teach you the basic stitches.
You’ll do great, I’m sure. And, you’re going to love knitting. I’ve been knitting since I was in my 20’s and I’m almost at retirement :oo: age now, so it’s a craft that will be with you for a long time.

First, stop calling yourself names:) we all started with casting on! did you watch the video on how to knit? That is the easiest way to begin, just go to the above tab and click on “view videos”. Watch that and see what you can do, then let us know!!

haha im 21 now

well, thing is this may sound like im asking the same question again…and maybe i am but if i do the 20 cast on stitches do i then continue on with the actual knit stitches?

That’s what you do…after you cast on you’ll have all of your stitches on one needle. Put this needle in your left hand and then use your empty needle in your right hand to begin knitting. And, make sure you’re using the working yarn and not the yarn that’s left over from your cast on. I thing everybody’s done that at one time or another, so just be careful which piece of yarn you start with. Watch Amy’s video and play it over and over if you have to, then just do it!

well yea, now that you casted on stitches. the needle with your stitches will be held in you left hand and the other in your right. from there start knitting. watch the video on knit stitch, and then learn purl.
good luck:heart:

right ok but there is a small piece of yarn about 3 inches long left after casting… what do i do with that?

That’s your “tail” yarn and you just leave it alone. That’s the part I was telling you about not using as your “working” yarn. You will start knitting with the yarn coming from your ball of yarn.
You’ll have to weave in the tail yarn later, but that’s another thing you’ll need to learn. That’s for another day :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to watch the Demo of a small project video on the Tips page so you can see how it all goes together. That shows the cast on, knit and purl some rows and cast off. Just watch that once, and then look at the knit video for knit stitch and practice that.

That’s just the cast on tail. Just let it hang there. You’ll go back and weave it in later.

your question is answered:) you leave that alone until the end of project you can weave it at end. alot of ways to do that . either learn it now or maybe try it later :):thumbsup: