Hi! i'm new here! and i need ur help!

i want to know how to knit a scarf for a guy!! I was wondering wat knid of yarn do i need to used and what kind of scarf do i need to knit! like what is the name of the scarf for guy!!:knitting: :knitting: :knitting:
please help me… sooon…

Well you could use almost any kind of yarn. For most guys I’d think, gray, greens, and blues, sometimes reds, but you know him best. Wool or wool blend is a good choice for content although even acrylic makes a nice scarf if you prefer it. You’ll probably want to avoid lacy patterns :teehee:, but cables or even just plain knit is probably a good one for a guy.

Do you already know how to knit? We have lots of videos here to help you out, too.

Make sure whatever yarn you buy can be laundered appropriately by the recip. Don’t get ‘hand wash cold, lay flat to dry’ if they’re apt to toss it in the washer/dryer.


Well, if you want to knit a scarf he’ll wear you need to know what colors he likes. Nice earth tones are usually good for most guys.

Beyond that, maybe the Irish Hiking Scarf would be a good pattern for him?