Hi. I have a q

I’m starting alot of new things lately and crochet is one of them.
I have a pattern for a fab bag but I’m a little confused. The pattern calls for dc but it says to crochet into the 2nd stitch from the hook on the foundation chain and when you turn to do 1 ch (not counted as stitch) then dc into every stitch. I thought with dc you started into the 4th stitch and did 3 ch when turning. I did as was told and my piece ended up curved! Oh and by about the 4th row I had lost a stitch somewhere. Can anyone tell me if this is right or have I missed the point entirely?

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When you do a turning chain for a dc rows it is usually a chain 3, yes. And yes, you do the first dc in the fourth chain from the hook. I am a bit confused. Is it possible that the first row is made of sc? But patterns tell you what they want you to use. Can you provide a link to the pattern? It will be easier to help you if there is a link to the pattern or can you give us the first couple of rows exactly as written in the pattern?

Crochet terms are different in

[U][B]US vs UK English[/B][/U]
ch = ch
sl st = sl st
sc (single crochet) = dc (double crochet) : Into 2nd ch from hook or turn ch 1
hdc (half double) = htr (half treble) : Into 3rd ch from hook or turn chain 2
dc (double crochet) = tr (Treble Crochet) : Into 4rd ch from hook or turn chain 3
tr (Treble Crochet) = dtr (double treble) : Into 5rd ch from hook or turn chain 4
dtr (double treble) = ttr (triple treble) : Into 6rd ch from hook or turn chain 5
:: etc.

Try that conversion, use an SC when you read DC and in general just use one size smaller stitch throughout the pattern.

I agree with M.W., we can’t be sure without more information. Either a link to the pattern or if you provide a transcription of a portion of it.

But I would guess it is a case of a difference in our “common” language.

The book is a Rowan pattern book and it says that UK abbreviation have been used but I think you may be right it may be single crochet. These are the first lines of the pattern
Sides of bag:
Using 3.50mm (US E4) hook, make 52ch
Row 1 (RS): 1 dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc into each ch, turn. 51sts.
Row 2: 1 ch (does NOT count as st), 1 dc into each dc to end, turn.
Last row forms dc fabric.
Cont in dc fabric until side measures 29cm.
Next row: 1 ch (Does NOT count as st), 1 dc into each dc to last 12 dc, turn, leaving last 12dc unworked.

Is that enough?
Thanks for all your help

[COLOR="#330099"]Here is another handy UK to US Knitting and Crochet conversion chart for needle and hook sizes and Crochet and yarn weight terms.


Yes, I see that Jack caught it and he is correct. All you need to do is convert UK terms to US terms and remember to count your stitches. That way you will know if you are loosing any. Whether you count as you crochet or count every other row until you feel you don’t need to.

Have been doing the single crochet and it seems to be coming along nicely. Thanks for the help. Tho was in physio yesterday crochet away while I waited and got given out to for how stooped over I was. Ooooppps.