Hi, I am new here, nice to meet you all

Hi, am having trouble reading a patter, think I have got a mental block. Hope someone can help at some point

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Hi and welcome! What pattern is messing with your mind? I have one I’ve been trying to figure out myself and it’s not so much fun. If you let us know what’s giving you trouble someone should be able to help.

Thanks for reply. I have 46 sts. Pattern says dec 1 st each end on next and 6 following 4th rows, then on following 7 alternative rows. My dec is fine. It’s the bit about following 7 alt rows. My work measures 9” and should end up as 11”.
I know it’s simple enough, but think I have read too much into it. Thank you. Just returned to knitting after many years.

Welcome to the forum!
These kind of instructions can be confusing. Call the next row, row 1. Decrease at each end of rows 1, 5,9,13,17,21 and 25 then at each end of rows 27,29,31,33,35,37,39.

Welcome back to knitting too. It’s a good time to pick up the needles again, for sure.

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Hmmmm, gone totally wrong then, as I have dec on 6 following 4th rows, and I took it to read after that then do the 7th alt rows. I may take it back to the start of the dec at armhole.? Loosing heart now. Wouldn’t mind but it’s a 6-12month cardigan, so only small :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Sorry I was trying to send a pic of the pattern, clearly I can’t even do that right…

Take heart, these instructions aren’t easy to sort out at first or even fifth reading. We’ve all been there.

Sometimes the name of the pattern is enough and we can locate it from there. To post a photo, click on the landscape icon at the top of the Reply box. (Don’t take a photo of the written instructions please due to copyrights. Quoting a few rows, as you have done, is perfect.)

Ahh sorry, didn’t think of that. So, if I gave you the make and number of the pattern is that ok. Thank you so much for your help so far

Yes, make and number should work.

Thank you so much. I have already made two different ones, so I really don’t know how I am going wrong with this one. It Bambino 9505

Those are adorable sweaters!

Call the next row, row 1. Decrease at each end of rows 1, 5,9,13,17,21 and 25 (that’s every 4th row) then at each end of rows 27,29,31,33,35,37,39 (that’s every alternate or every other row 7x).

Ripping knitting out or frogging is so much a part of knitting. No one likes doing it but it’s worth it in the end to know you’ve done your best. Somehow, re-knitting always seems to go faster than you might think. Enjoy finishing up this part and stay safe and healthy.

This makes sense now, but am I right is saying when doing it on alternative rows I am only loosing 8 sts. I have the right amount now, but should end up with 18.

No no no…what I have been doing is totally stupid, can’t explain, but with your help I have sorted it I think Long story…bet you will glad to be shut of me

We’re always happy for questions and follow up until it makes sense to you. Among us we can often figure things out so don’t hesitate to ask and comment. We’re happy to have you join us.

Thank you so much. I will finish this bit and let you know how I get 9n. Feel so stupid now. Enjoy your day and stay safe through these difficult times x

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Yes, I finished it, thanks to your instructions. Left to the pattern, think I would still be in a mess. Sorry to have been so stupid. Stay safe, and thanks once again x

Yes, stay safe yourself and enjoy working the rest of the pattern.